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  1. Hi David, sorry, I missed your post. Yes, it is still available. RH is like a 48-key Crane LH is reduced, only from c2 - e3. I think that I'd covered it in the pictures. Kind regards, Rod
  2. SOLD. Will make donation shortly.
  3. 58-key Jeffries Duet in Bb. Plays well. 7 fold bellows. Modern case included. It's only issue is that the C4 reed in the right hand might need a new tongue, as it sounds sharp if pulled or pushed hard. $3000
  4. hate to break up the Crane Duet collection but I guess that I don't need them all ... 35-key Wheatstone Crane Duet - from Greg Jowaisas. Plays well, hard case. Good intro to Crane Duet. Proper Wheatstone reedy sound. $750. 42-key Lachenal Crane Duet - rare bird. Plays well with hard case. Range between a 35 and 48 but extremely hard to find. $900.
  5. A Square Deal! Harold Harrington C-G Square Anglo For Sale. Mint Condition, w/Case. Harold was one of the first concertina makers to use accordion reeds in his instruments, in an attempt to make the Concertina more available to those wanting to learn. $1500.
  6. Square Deal! Historic Henry Harley Bb / F 26-key Concertina. Restored by Nigel Sture in 5/2020. Plays very strongly for a real antique. Includes original Case. $1500
  7. I've ventured into Chemnitzer and it's really just a large Anglo with some Jeffries duet elements thrown in. Another set of fingerngs to learn but, depending on the box, not that hard to play. The big multi-stop ones get pretty heavy but so do big accordions. Compared to the english boxes, they come pretty cheap over here. I'd say, buy it and try it out. It's not a life-long committment.
  8. I'm with Gary on voting for the key of C!
  9. And the one in the picture has flat ends, I believe, while the one in Alex's shop has raised ends. Still, quite a large beastie to be sure.
  10. I still have the kapek. Or an Arno Arnold in C.
  11. cjakes8 - I have a oouple that would be good starters. Where are you located?
  12. If I had the extra money it would go well in my square concertina corner.
  13. I have a 35, 42, 48, 57 and 66. I still want an 80!
  14. I'd never assume to be an authority but this appears to be a small Chemnitzer-type box, given the 3-row layout shown in the picture. For the same price or little more you can get an actual Chemnitzer or Bandoneon of good German lineage.
  15. StevenTx, mainly for fooling around with. Brass is a different sound to steel.
  16. Back when I first started playing, in addition to a Morse Baritone and a Jack, I had a brass-reeded Lachinal. Does anyone have a brass reeded EC that they'd be willing to part with for hot a princely sum? Kind regards, Rod
  17. Bob Tedrow has one of his Baritones on consignment, as well.
  18. Ask Dowright about it also.
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