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Bellows question

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Good afternoon everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. 

I was playing this afternoon and noticed some discoloration on the underside of my Kensington’s bellows and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to something I could put on it to keep it from getting any worse. 

It must be from where the bellows rest against my thigh. 


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It’s not just discoloured,  the surface of the leather is starting to get worn away on the corners of the folds.  If you play with the concertina in contact with your leg you might consider carrying a soft cloth that you can lay over your leg to protect the bellows 

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I would not worry too much about leather looking a bit warn, as it's possibly a sign of a much-loved and frequently used instrument.  It's best to rest bellows on a soft cloth against your leg which reduces abrasion; that's what I have done, and in 24 years use, the bellows hardly warn at all.. because I use a very soft pad of cloth on my leg when I play the concertina.

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