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  1. Marcus

    English Session Tunes book?

    I’m quite excited about this book. Will it be just a tune/tab book or something more like Anglo concerting in a harmonic style which progresses so we can learn the notes etc as we go. I play my G/D as though it’s a C/G at the moment so it would be great to play it “properly”!
  2. Marcus

    Wanted: Used Morse Anglo. Hoping to buy one.

    Hi David. I’ve got a G/D Morse I’d be willing to sell.
  3. Marcus


    Something else that might be nice - the ability to transpose the recorded audio for anyone using an instrument other than a C/G
  4. Marcus

    Any interest - Morse G/D #952

    Good morning all - I have Morse Ceili #952 in black finish with Jeffries layout - try as I might I can't get my head around learning a new fingering system and I end up coming back to my Clover kit C/G Wheatstone layout more often than not. Does anyone have any interest in a very lightly played G/D Morse? It's in perfect condition I just don't play it very much. I could sell it or maybe exchange it for a C/G - it would have to be Wheatstone layout! If selling I'd be looking for about $2250. I would exchange for a Morse Ceili in C/G or a similar hybrid or perhaps a vintage instrument of similar value. I will upload pictures later.
  5. Marcus


    Hi Caitlín - I just ran through the starter course and I really enjoyed the way you teach and the choice of tune. I think I might sign up!
  6. Marcus

    Concertina care

    So what’s everybody think about my climate?! It’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit plus for most of the year and 80 to 90 percent humidity most of the time also! I think the sea is maybe 15 feet from my back door. Not much like the British climate!
  7. Marcus

    Irish Concertina Lessons

    This is another great resource for Irish style playing! However - when will we get the same for harmonic/English style?!
  8. Marcus

    Digby's Farewell

    I’ve been watching the new videos every day and ther hasn’t been one tune that I don’t want to learn. Really looking forward to it!
  9. Marcus

    Digby's Farewell

    Wonderful Adrian - really looking forward to this book.
  10. Marcus

    Anglo Concertina Button Layout

    Nice looking chart - do you have any learning resources that you could share for boeremusiek?
  11. Marcus

    starting anglo concertina

    True those two aren’t for Irish style. But is Katyusha in D minor an Irish tune? I think it’s russian.
  12. Marcus

    What our concertinas look like?

    Nice instrument Gary - how does it play? Any new videos?
  13. Marcus

    Morse Ceili CG - SOLD

    Hi Clifton - did you ever sell this? Would you be interested in a trade for a G/D Morse?
  14. Marcus

    starting anglo concertina

    I'd agree with Terence - Gary Coover's books are great as is Betram Levy's tutor. The Irish tutor's are good even if in the long run Irish style playing is not for you as it teaches you where the notes are all over the instrument especially if you're playing across the rows.