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  1. Still available. I’d be willing to negotiate on price. I’d love this instrument to be getting used.
  2. How did you laminated the velvet to the neoprene peel and stick sheets? Do you remember what brand the neoprene was? I’m in Bermuda so will probably have to order everything anyway so details and where to get things would be much appreciated
  3. I meant to cover any blocking and the sides of the inside of the case.
  4. Can you use the felt available at a craft shop to line a concertina case? I guess it’s the same stuff kids use for craft projects.
  5. Dana is such a giving guy. So willing to share his knowledge and time. His concertinas are wonderful - I know I love mine. When I bought mine second hand he honored the “first tune up” that goes with a new instrument since it had never been back to him for it. Dana is in this for the music - just like it says on his website and with a Kensington you can’t go wrong.
  6. There’s so serious thread drift here! 😉
  7. Good morning fellow squeezers! All the best for 2023 - I hope we all achieve our musical goals and have a wonderful time doing it!
  8. I did think that too Theo. I’m going to make a concerted effort to just rest the end of the instrument against my thigh to avoid further wearing
  9. Good afternoon everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I was playing this afternoon and noticed some discoloration on the underside of my Kensington’s bellows and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to something I could put on it to keep it from getting any worse. It must be from where the bellows rest against my thigh.
  10. Highly recommend Kensington concertinas. I love mine
  11. Mine has arrived but my wife’s holding it hostage until Christmas Day!
  12. It sure does Jody. You could play anything nicely on the Anglo!
  13. Nice one Clive - retiring! Congratulations! Let me know if you are headed this way!
  14. So true Clive! Have you been here? I wish more C-netters travelled here and would bring their instruments! It's quite a solitary hobby for me here!
  15. Looks a lovely instrument and if I were flush with cash I'd surely take you up on it. Quite fancy a baritone at some point
  16. I would also consider a trade for a Castagnari Lilly Button Accordion in B/C
  17. 1028125_10152190241244453_1955639_n.mp4 Here's a little demonstration - excuse the mistakes!
  18. It always strikes me how welcoming and helpful the free reed community and concertina.net members in particular are. People a so free to share a good tune, technique, repair suggestion, obscure discontinued recording and other number of things. It's such a wonderful thing and an amazing resource as we are spread so widely around the globe. I know for me - being stuck out on a 21 mile long piece of rock in the Atlantic hundreds of miles from the nearest landmass I would be at a complete loss without it! Thanks to you all - and Happy Holidays!
  19. Wondering if anyone has a copy of Larry Kinsella - The Barley Grain. I was watching Paddy Egan and have been listening to the wonderful Tobar Gan Tra album. In the video he was speaking about how much of an influence his first teacher Larry Kinsella had been. I'd love to hear the album. Doesn't appear to be available anywhere.
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