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  1. I agree, you must practice using both sides of instrument, in order to establish early on.. good technique. Later on you are bound to come across music that requires passing from left to right side ( or visa versa).. of keyboard. This sort of 'ambidextrous' requirement (using both hands) is essential to play well. It really is not that hard to acquire the nack; with good practice, you will master it eventually .Keep practicing, and don't give in if progress seems slow.
  2. It could turn out to be quite an exciting addition to your film; an expedition into the unknown Italy or even the mysterious vanishing of MR Brunna! Where is he? What happened? Could add additional mystery to the whole concept.๐Ÿ˜
  3. When I started I used a book called "first steps".. It has a very basic numbering system, numbers 1 through to 5 for each button on keyboard. The numbers above stave were for right hand of instrument, whilst those below stave.. for left side. It was really quite straightforward. There was a V shape above number to indicate pulling out bellows ( for Anglo)! To make that particular note.
  4. Welcome to the world of concertina.. and an instrument that often is little understood by many; but which once they play one.. is then often a musical friend for life. Don't worry about reviews on one make against another (get what suits you best)... I have played my own Hohner branded concertina ( Anglo) for over 23 years now.. and use it all the time. Concertina people are quite democratic in their attitudes, as to which one is best, so get on and enjoy the learning process; you will no doubt continue to get help from us all on Concertina.net. Watch our videos as well.. there's so much to see!
  5. How odd; there being difficulty in locating the Brunna company .. Perhaps Mr. Brunna was indeed eccentric ( as was hinted to me by music shop years back).. and he no longer runs it? Sounds like a great project anyhow, to see the musical stuff being made. The address I was then provided with was functioning. ( Long time back)! Because I was sent buttons for free by company ( under Stagi name)... That was in 2011! Best of luck with the project.
  6. WAHOOOO! What great stuff indeed; and then the sudden explosion to a multicolour spectacular.. Very original and cheering to watch and listen to!
  7. A rather naughty topic - a bit mischievous; but I admit sometimes I have hit the wrong button, or key, and unintentionally. After all concertinas have small studs for buttons, and are, generally, close together, to manage all the time; at speed often! But then there's that moment of mischief occurs in the mind of performer that says .. "Go on be daring, have some fun, and ditch the rigid rules"... and the discord can then resound! Much to the aching ears of anyone nearby! You will all have that same experience I am sure of that clashing note moment [which you can say is 'quite deliberate'] .. but they are interesting when they occur, and concertinas, particularly, to me. due to their timbre of sound, lend themselves to this effect very well [intended or not]. It can also be quite effective for atmosphere, or to emphasise a weird theme maybe? Although I try and make notes sound nice, I have now and again got going with the discord too, just for the devilment of it? Any one else had similar 'Rebel' moments between the sweet music?
  8. Sounds great; and played with a real sense of feeling.
  9. Thank you for your kind comments about me tune. I do not always add titles to my music; but recently once I have completed it, then I try to think of a name that fits the thought [where possible]. I was aware of a name in an old tune somewhere called "The pleased boy" [I believe?].. and so tried not to repeat it myself. And, having done a few themes on a traditional character [Green man]whom is of course a very British and indeed European concept also - As he belongs to the woods and nature. And is contented [ or pleased with his lot]. I added the thought to the name title.. And as this is what it represents! [the pleased boy of the woods or - AKA; Green man!] The character has appeared in other art forms [I have made over the years] as well; but that's another story altogether!
  10. Looking again at that loose strap with screws showing makes me wonder whether fine little bolts would work better; you can get very fine ones. Although then they would need tightening inside/ beneath the wood [the nut part I mean]. Some are very finely made at different lengths and could possibly be used or adapted.
  11. No, my one has different layout for action; they are all aligned together [so as to speak].
  12. I well imagine there will be in incalculable number made, then as now, as long as they are wanted. Mine has brown coloured bellows, and when new.. had Hohner name on it. Strange fact is my one may also have become part of the Stagi empire; as I was once sent free bag of spare buttons which had Stagi name on as well!
  13. Same here; its like my one too, which I am still using after 23 years!๐Ÿ˜Š
  14. Here's a tune which is cheerful with a bit of 2/4 rhythm. But who , you may ask, is that pleased 'Boy of the woods'? [You may say].. Well, it's my own perennial favourite subject "The Green Man" again; the swiftly moving, mysterious, unfettered, spirit of nature [and often quoted in folk tunes as well]. Written on melody line only [ to make it useable on any instrument] .. I improvised a few little chords here and there as I went along.
  15. Don't worry wood is a very forgiving material to drilling, screwing, and takes nearly everything in a lifetime! I have sawn, polished, glued , varnished, filled wooden items many times, and there's nearly always a way round a simple problem such as in this case.
  16. Could it not just be screwed back in.? . although as someone that plays anglo style instrument, maybe yours fits differently ( being solely for thumb)..
  17. Another master work .. very catchy, and lively indeed!
  18. Yes, that spinet organ combo.. was probably two man job. Although if you got someone else to work the bellows for you; then I suppose you could use one hand in spinet, and the left one to the organ keys?!
  19. Here's another combined instrument ( shown in one of my reference books).. a sort of combined spinet with Regal ( bellows operated organ) on the opposite end!..
  20. What a kind gesture; I have downloaded that PDF copy, which copied over very easily.. as to whether they will work on Anglo I am unsure..but they could do as the technique of bellows and switching of fingering I suppose is close to fiddle technique!.. but they will be nice to keep for reference.
  21. It looks a bit like one of those medieval organs, that looked like a book ( a sort of Regal, as they called it).. portable organ.
  22. Sounds a really spectacular setting; in front of the statue? Maybe she will dance along with you! Hope goes all ok for the day.
  23. It sound in a way a bit similar to the way anglo system has to be considered in its use. As someone who plays that system.
  24. In a way, I have some sympathy with the poor man; I have studied several times all the Ins and outs of running your own business.. and it is a very complex affair! Particularly if you are what we term as "Sole trader".. that is someone who is running business entirely as one-man band, and doing everything on their own. It is quite daunting, and if he is trying to balance all that side with making things ( parts,repairs in workshop).. then it will also include the added complexity of organising all this on top of everything else! He maybe could do with help of a business mentor, or even better an apprentice!?
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