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Phil Ham Anglo book


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For those interested in playing harmonic-style Anglo, here's announcing a new Rollston Press book: The Anglo Concertina Music of Phil Ham.


With a foreword by John Watcham, over 60 tunes, 119 pages, plus QR code links to historical recordings of Phil playing every tune. 


20 USD / 16 GBP, available through Amazon and also through Red Cow Music in the UK.


Phil was one of the first Anglo players in the folk revival to play across all the rows, and he was an early mentor and influence for John Kirkpatrick, John Watcham, and many others. Most of his music is for English Morris dancing, but he also plays hymns, madrigals, sea shanties, and Geordie songs.


Phil never recorded commercially or played in any bands, but he did put together some cassette practice tapes back in the 1970's and 1980's. Through the magic of QR codes over 60 of these tunes are included in the book with note-for-note transcriptions and tablature. 


I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Phil on my UK trip a couple of months ago and I am happy to report that he is still going strong today at a mere 92-years-old! He provided the notes for all the tunes in the book plus a detailed biography of his life with the concertina.


I've attached the Table of Contents plus a couple of the tunes from the book.


And yes, Phil gets a 50% share of the royalties, as he should, for being such a delightful gentleman and an important part of Anglo history.







Vicar-of-Bray-PHIL-HAM.pdf TOC-PHIL-HAM.pdf


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Congratulations on a masterpiece! The recordings of Phil Ham are wonderful, and the transcriptions straightforward. To me, more approachable that most harmonic-style players; I'd never heard his playing before. Very well done, indeed; cannot wait to see the whole book.


How many keys on his keyboard? Does a 30 key  miss much? I'm guessing not from the three examples you posted.


Dan Worrall

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The book is now available in Kindle format. I wasn't able to preview it for some reason, so let me know if there are any problems.


As to Phil's style, it's definitely not just left hand chords and right hand melody, but he typically uses a variety of harmonic techniques within the same tune. Perhaps that comes from his engineering background, finding several different ways to get the results he wants.



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