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  1. larryjhs

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    I've just come back from a long sojourn overseas, and am delighted that Adrian's book (which I 'won' because I spotted an error in one of Gary Coover's books) was waiting for me. What a beauty. So it is back to music but Jake the cat has colonized one of Gary's books (the second I think). I forget the name of the tune, though I can hum it...
  2. I had a benign carcinoma aka Mr Lump in my forearm years ago. The lump was removed, but there was nerve damage as they hat to cut it out so I lost some feeling for years in some fingers, so it was hard to write. I was not playing at the time. But the nerves have responded over time. I think any exercise such as playing is good. I also had therapeutic massage after my operation. That was great.
  3. larryjhs

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    Thanks, or make that the prize I won (if Adrian permits). Or contact me off line.
  4. larryjhs

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    I’ve been wanting something like this. I’d love someone to take on Bach or Vivaldi... But to my disappointment, I have discovered that amazon in the US or the UK won’t ship this book to Australia. It may be some rights issue and/or how Rollston Press lists with Amazon. It it may be the collection of sales tax for Australia by Amazon. Nor is it with Book Depository. Do you mind checking out what can be done, including a downloadable copy (it appears that is possible).? Thank you.
  5. larryjhs

    A sweet video

    I came across this article and video of an old Irish New Yorker. What’s the tune? https://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/26/nyregion/matty-talty-a-musical-concierge-from-county-clare.html
  6. larryjhs

    Documentary on William Kimber

    Thanks. Excuse me for taking so long Gary. I really enjoy your books -- that is what I basically learn from as my ability to read music has totally declined and will have to wait until I have more free time. . I *think* in my amateur way I may have picked up a few errors in your keying -- do you want them?
  7. I came across this recent documentary on William Kimber, mostly an interview with his grand-daughter Julie Kimber-Nickerson talking about his music and the people he moved with, and his son Alan sings as well. Kimber’s concertina is also played a bit. It’s a lovely bit of filmmaking about a musical family. Bits of old film and photos as well. http://www.folkweekendoxford.co.uk/back-to-the-quarry.html?start=3 “ Back to the Quarry is an exciting new project exploring the musical history of the Kimber family from Headington Quarry, Oxfordshire - from the great concertina player William Kimber, who has inspired generations of musicians and dancers, to his granddaughter Julie Kimber-Nickelson and her family who still live in the village today. The Kimber family have had a significant impact on the folk and Morris traditions of Oxfordshire, and are still making a contribution to the living and evolving musical traditions of the area. The BTTQ project aims to share Kimber's story with the local community - and wider afield - by creating an interactive website which gives visitors the chance to explore different parts of the story. We'll also be doing workshops with two local primary schools, where the children will get the chance to explore the heritage materials and find their own way of telling Kimber's story. Come back to this page for updates from our project blog, or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.” Larry
  8. I found him on concertina.net. I have messaged him and we shall see.
  9. Can anyone advise me how to get a copy/scan (saves on postage) to Land of Oz - The Anglo-Concertina Music of William Kimber by Dan Worrall? It’s out of print/ unavailable. Is Dan in this list? I am not sure. As some people know, Kimber’s harmonies are remarkable, but for a neophyte like me, I find them easy. Some of Worrall’s pages are on line (but not all ). and English Country Garden is in one or two of Coover’s great books which I basically learn from 99% of the time.
  10. Hello, I'm actually also a learner bookbinder but I have also won some first and second prize in our state fair competition! For what you want to do, PVA glue is fine. You can water it down with a bit of wallpaper paste mixed in water if the glue is thick, but it should not be runny. The trick is to spread it over the paper with a stiffish paint brush if you don't have a more traditional round brush, and then flip onto the pasteboardfrom the edge avoiding as many bubbles and sticky fingers as possible, as well as bits of hair or dirt. Then use a bonefolder or a plastic ruler edge to squeeze it down and get glue that is squeezed out away from the edges. The flipping or laying bit is easier said than done. Use a waste sheet underneath, past outwards. Then, lay it all between two pieces of board, between sheets of WAX paper, and lay some bricks or weights on top for a few minutes, so that it absorbs the moisture. In fact, check it, and you should still clamp it for some time to prevent what is called cockling - curling and in fact, keep it weighted until it is quite stiff. you may want to use 3mm paste board or something thicker The video shows how https://bookmaking.wonderhowto.com/how-to/glue-bookbinding-195805/ with a simple version. In this version, the paper goes over the board and is folded nicely on the back. Good instructions.
  11. I hope I am reading this date correctly, but if it is true, please oh please may it be put online by a kind person, even TG4!! He is the promo clip- put on English subtitles from Gaelic. They are well, partly ok. https://youtu.be/Po4xDGwmp1I Noel Hill - Aisling Ghéar | Dé Céadaoin 18/4 9.30pm | TG4Clár ina dtabharfar léargas géar ar chúlra, ar mheon agus ar cheol duine de na ceoltóirí traidisiúnta is cáiliúla in Éirinn, Noel Hill A searing portrait of one of Ireland's most renowned traditional musicians - concertina player Noel Hill. Larry
  12. I am relisting as a scamster tried to get money out of me (see the scams list). I am asking for AUD$600 plus postage (under $40 in Australia I think to most places) or come by if you are in Melbourne. If it goes overseas I will need to look into that. I will negotiate a bit. I'm upgrading, so I am reluctantly selling no. 74526, to help pay the bills It dates from approx 1883 from advice I got on concertina net. It was restored in 1970 by Frank Pitt, Box Hill (that is Melbourne), as written inside and was owned before me by a woman active in Bush music circles. I don't know much more than that about its history. I have replaced a number of bushes that have worn out as well as the bits that go in lever arms to stop the wobbles, but due to my skill level at repairs I've not gone further out of respect. I've looked quite a bit into what to use for busines and the lever arms and I have found that bookbinder's leather works fine (that is my other thing) rather than incredibly expensive piano baize. I have an envelope of stamped bushes left over. I've also carefully brushed out dust etc. There is a buzz on keys left 1a and 1b that can be fixed by reed or flap adjustment but as I said, I didn't want to enter in that space (lack of skill). It is very very sweet sounding, 'fast' and responsive, the bellows don't leak. I made a sound file for Chris Ghent in the Blue Mountains some time back and he thought it pretty ok. The box has aged well though the strap is snapped but that can be replaced. It looks as if the lock was replaced by a 'snap' at some point in time (maybe the key was lost). Larry I can provide another sound file but don't judge my playing! I suppose I could skype if you wish (serious people only).