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  1. This is probably to be answered by Gary Coover, - does this use 'your' notation as my music reading skills with the concertina are hopeless. thanks, Larry
  2. Hello. Thanks Gary Mr Bezos appears to have put the Phil Ham book and others on local Amazon. Ordered! No postage too !
  3. The postage from the UK is almost as much as the book!!
  4. Hi Gary, you are the best! Thanks. And some advertising I recommend your books to all and everyone especially beginners. This is virtually all I have used and even my wife is enjoying my playing now. For fools like me who have trouble remembering the placement of keys and reading music at the same time, your books are a lifesafer (especially the Irish music one - more Irish tunes please). It is strange, I can read whistle music, but the left hand right hand stuff throws me. Age?
  5. Gary, any chance that that this can become available via bookdepository or another international book service for Australia? I could buy the kindle version of Watcham and print with screen shots which was a pain & not high quality . I’d much prefer the physical book. You books are all I use. Thanks. Larry e
  6. Hello i am sure there was something about this a while back, but I can’t find it. Has anyone produced transcriptions and notations of Noel Hills favourites or at least music on his early albums that is isn’t published elsewhere. I thought there was something for sale. I’d be really grateful for help on this. I’m totally hopeless at reading music for the concertina as distinct for the single note, whistle! So I really need the notation or markup. Thanks. Larry
  7. That’s good to know! I’m to the east of you… footy capital. Say no more.
  8. thanks for this advice. I find the D# much too rare to keep on the 1A. As this is in Jeffries tuning I have D# on the 2A pull.
  9. yes, sorry down a tone. If it doesn’t work I will contact peter. I assume I can unscrew the ‘ block’ and just send it to him though I might have to seal it up again on the frame if it’s not a perfect fit (save on postage). Are you in Melb? thanks
  10. Hello, I‘m a bit hopeless with knowing where to solder to bring the reed up a tone so it is easier for Irish stuff. at the tip? Along the reed? Yes, I have a tuner. Thanks Larry
  11. Quite by accident, I came across the attached cartoon, from Mr Punch's History of Modern England, vol 2 ( 1857-1874) p. 146. Punch was a now defunct UK humour magazine, a staple of the middle class - 1841-2002 . See also https://archive.org/details/mrpunchshistoryo02gravuoft/page/146/mode/2up. Perhaps it has been picked up in one of the histories. A quick search on google also located another, as below. I am sure there are more. BTW, Warren Fahey-some of you probably know of him as cartoons and photos, mostly from Australia, http://www.warrenfahey.com.au/enter-the-collection/the-collection-m-z/musical-instruments-in-the-australian-tradition/concertina-photography-cartoon-gallery/
  12. Noel Hill and Tony McMahon played 'the Old Concertina Reel on I gCnoc Na Graí . It's a great tune. But I've only been able to find music online for it in the key of D. Does anyone have it in G? or C -- I'm not great at music theory or transposition. I assume Noel Hill was playing a D/G concertina on the recording. Or am I making some error that I can't get my head around musically ie how to play it in G. Larry
  13. See, only one hand, but angels ca do this. Now I have to carefully ‘squeeze’ it into my luggage. Terrible joke, sorry.
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