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  1. I'm a left handed melodeon player, started by just playing tunes and did it naturally with my left hand. Most of my boxes have an extra air button positioned for my right handed thumb, apart from that they are standard. On the other hand (!) I play anglo the "correct" way round, although I do have a tendency to play the tune on the bass end as well as the treble end.
  2. I had one of these in the very early days. I'd say not much better than a toy really.
  3. until
  4. ECMW 2019 The English Country Music Weekend (ECMW) is a weekend for musicians who mainly play English folk or dance music. It is suitable for players of all of the usual (and unusual) instruments used for accompanying dance and song in the British Isles. It consists mainly of a series of music sessions, most of which are lightly led by an established musician. Some are hosted in local pubs, some in local halls. Usually provision is made for Tent, Caravan and Camper Van camping with showers and toilets available. Local hotels and B&B would be available and breakfast is available locally. Local pubs and restaurants provide other meals. The main event venue will usually be licensed. This year – 2019 ECMW will happen in Croston in West Lancashire on the 28,29 and 30th of June. All the details are to be found on the website including booking: https://englishcountrymusicweekend.org.uk/ Hope to see some of you there! Cheers Brian
  5. aha, thanks for the pointer, I'd missed that, but have now made a donation...
  6. Well folks, many thanks for all the advice, on and off the forum. I can report that I did a swap + cash for my Jeffries for a 2.5 row castagnari from "charles" who emailed me from this forum post (he was the first one!). it turned out that he only lived about 10 miles from me (NW england), so we were easily able to do the deal. I now have a new box to play, and aching arms already from the extra weight when compared to my poker work Hohner. I am enjoying it though... Once again, many thanks for the help..
  7. I am thinking of selling my 38 key c/g jeffries. I know if i sell it to a dealer I will not get the full price, but if i try to sell it over the internet I might get defrauded. What do people think - what should I do to avoid any tom foolery? I am in the UK. PS I am looking for a 2.5 row Castagnari Melodian (G/D) - anyone know of one for sale? Cheers Brian
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