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Dympna O'sullivan Rip

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No! No! This is so sad and the news has taken me by surprise. Dympna was an instructor at Irish Arts Week in the Catskills and I truly enjoyed her class and getting to know her a little bit.


She made fine music and her willingness to share how to make it made her extra special. She will be missed.



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Very sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Clare on two occasions, and she was gracious enough to play Mrs. O'Dwyer's old German concertina for the CD that I helped produce for the OAC in Milltown Malbay two years ago, Tripping to the Well. A lovely player and a lovely person.

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[[[Very sad, although perhaps not unexpected]]]


I think many folks did not know of her illness the past few years, particularly lovers of Clare and/or Irish concertina music on the US side of the pond. Out there in the TIM social media sphere, there have been expressions of shock and inquiries as to what happened.

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I had the pleasure of hearing Dympna play in Ennis earlier in the year. As many have said, she was a fine musician and she had the rare gift of being able to play with individuality and imagination without stepping away from the pure traditional style.

The strength and determination with which she faced her illness is encapsulated in the brief personal statement on her last CD 'Enriched'.


'Life can throw strange Events across our paths

Moments wheN all appears lost

When all we've been taught and know falls apaRt

It is but a valuable chance to vIew things differently

A Chance to turn things around

To hear sounds afresh and to sHare them with those who understand

To savour and chErish what is important and deep

In short, it is a time to be enricheD'


Who among us would not wish to face uncertainty with such dignity?



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I had signed up to take a class with her a few years ago at the Northeast Concertina Workshop (Button Box). Sadly, she couldn't come due to medical issues and I'm so sorry to have never met her. She was one of my favorite players. RIP.

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Very sad news about Dympna. My youngest lad attended classes with her at the Mrs Crotty event and got on very well with her.


On another, not unconnected, note another person from that parish passed away at the same time. Mrs Margaret (Maggie) Hill, mother of Noel Hill, passed away aged 98 and was buried close to where Dympna was buried.



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