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  1. Richard Hukins

    Screws, i have lost mine, silly boy.

    Thank you so much, the panic is over, i just spent 6 days in a panic about them, even cleaned the car out, they had been put away by" her indoors" who had forgotten what they were, i found them by chance in a desk, she didn't realise i meant them, so it appears to be my fault,again! thank you again, very much for kind offer of help. Richard.
  2. Hello, i have been restoring a 20 button Wallis, & have managed to lose the 12 screws that hold the ends on, can anybody advise if you can get them through Model Eng supplies, & what thread they are, Concertina Spares have them at £8 each x 12, i don't feel the urge as on pension, the Wallis is a Lachenal base not Jones.
  3. Good Morning Richard,

    I have several wooden ended Jeffries with 20 and 26 buttons,

    in C/G and Bb/F.

    If you would like one, I live in Leicestershire.


  4. Richard Hukins

    Wooden Ended Jeffries In Flat Keys

    Hello, sorry to take so long to reply, Yes a 26 Bflat F, it was made at 12 Aldershot Rd, by Charles Jnr, so mid 1920s i imagine, Hobgoblin in Bath had it, i had always thought they were bought in these wooden ended ones, but much to my surprise it is a superb machine, i find the button spacing a bit different to my my others, but the tone is superb, when Theo had a 26 button CG for sale a year or so ago i was so tempted, i don't have a metal ended Jeffries so can't compare, would love one, but they cost more than my house did many years ago.
  5. Richard Hukins

    Wooden Ended Jeffries In Flat Keys

    I have a Bflat F wooden ended by Charles Junior, i have to say it is a superb instrument, i love it.
  6. Richard Hukins

    cleaning brass reeds.

    Thank you
  7. Richard Hukins

    cleaning brass reeds.

    Thank you both for your expert advice. 🙂
  8. Richard Hukins

    cleaning brass reeds.

    Hello, i am just restoring a Wallis 20 button anglo, some of the reeds are almost black with damp & filth, what is the best way to clean? ultrasonic? some of the little screws are a bit rusty, it is 34241, should make a nice instrument for very little money.
  9. Richard Hukins

    Wallis restoration

    Hello, what i would like to know is can i purchase from supplier the same red bibbly leather cloth like there is inside the wooden ends on my 20 button Wallis, also does it have to be raised on the little sticky things to stop air locking etc.
  10. Richard Hukins

    J Wallis?

    Hello, i have just purchased for a very small amount a Wallis 20 button anglo, it's number is 34241, has anybody a clue of it's age, it has brass reeds
  11. Richard Hukins

    Dympna O'sullivan Rip

    This is awful news, she was much to young, she was a proper player, i loved her style, i had no idea she was ill, so so sad. RIP lovely lady.