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  1. Looking at the dates when this was recorded I was actually playing myself then. It would be years though until I had delved enough into the music to appreciate the genius and musicality of Canny, Murphy and O'Loughlin.
  2. Thanks Peter for the info and the photo. I'll be looking forward to hearing them playing when I get my copy of the CD. Looking at the tracklist I wonder were they the popular tunes of the day or were they more unusual tunes. Cheers John
  3. Hello If you are intersted in photographs of West Clare concertina players the Tom Munnelly collection appears to be online at the National Folklore collection in UCD. https://www.duchas.ie/en/cbeg/41339 Apologies if this has been flagged before. Plenty of photographs of Geoff Woofe playing and also of Peter Laban (two musicians who frequent this site). Cheers John
  4. Hello Fulvio It is still for sale. You can use the PM function to send me a message. Cheers John
  5. Hello This item is still for sale. Am open to reasonable offers or trade-in or part trade-in for Uilleann pipes stuff. Cheers John
  6. Hello Final price drop to €4,250. Cheers John
  7. Hello I am dropping the price to €4,500 ONO. Thanks David for the endorsement. I hope that you are keeping well. Cheers John
  8. Hello I am selling a 30-button C/G Wheatstone concertina serial number 31827 (the ledger has the year of manufacture down as 1928). This concertina has recently been fettled by Steve Dickinson. Am looking for €4,800. I am based in Dublin, Ireland. Please pm me for more information if you are interested. Cheers John
  9. Hi Peter Thanks for the information. A lovely young man and a very fine musician. I'd say that his mammy is over the moon. Keep well John
  10. Hello I have found that it is extremely hard to play with any speed on the anglo without the use of alternative fingerings. One of the reasons that I can play with speed is that I try to play a group of notes so that they are all going in the one bellows direction. The reverse G/A on the outside row are very handy for this. It takes some thought to try to find the right pathways but it is certainly worth it in the end. On the left hand side there is only one E and one F so you have to work around them. cheers John
  11. Hi Peter Thanks for posting the photograph. Kitty looks like she was enjoying the music. Keep well John
  12. Hello Very sad news about Dympna. My youngest lad attended classes with her at the Mrs Crotty event and got on very well with her. On another, not unconnected, note another person from that parish passed away at the same time. Mrs Margaret (Maggie) Hill, mother of Noel Hill, passed away aged 98 and was buried close to where Dympna was buried. John
  13. Hello When I was growing up in Dublin everybody had a nickname which was usually based on their given name. Anybody whose surname began with " Mac" were usually called either Macker or Wacker (phonetically Whacker). You can hear this name in the song "the craic was ninety in the Isle of Man". Whenever I see a word that even remotely resembles the word Wacker I think of those nicknames. I have no problem so with pronouncing Wakker as Wacker . Cheers John
  14. Hi Peter Many thanks for that. Its great to see that Chris still has the enthusiasm to keep playing and entertaining. And in a nice blue suit as well. I appreciate the fact that you are able to share the few shnaps and to remind me of the fine players that are still with us. Many thanks John
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