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Dating Lachenal Concertinas - Serial Numbers/Descriptions

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I can't remember if you already know this, but I used to own a Lachenal 'New Model' six-sided maccann duet, serial no. 1865.  It had six fold bellows (I think), raised dark wooden ends, 64 metal buttons (32 on each end, middle C up to G on the right end, left end exactly one octave lower).  I seem to remember being advised it was made about year 1896.


I was also told (by Colin Dipper) that it was somewhat unusual in having a riveted action.


It came with a (presumably original) Lachenal 'case' (more of a flimsy box actually), but it was in terrible condition so I had a new one made by Pete Grassby.

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In the 1980s the legendary Northumbrian musician Foster Charlton gave me a Lachenal Anglo for use by my family ( I used to 'call' with his barn dance band). Both my son and I have played it ever since and it still plays beautifully. I suspect it comes from the factory when the family was still in charge ( possibly c 1871/2) with Elizabeth moving on in 1873. The Lachenal name is not on it but the number of the end is 90916  ( not 91606 as it looks from upside down - fortunately the 1 is clearly legible as being in the 90916 sequence). Am I correct about the dating and how rare is it to have such an instrument still tight and playing well?


Keith Gregson


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Hi Keith,

Unfortunately the number you give would be estimated to be c.1886, which is 10-15 years too late to be a Louis or Elizabeth Lachenal. We'd expect Lachenal & Co without the trademark to be about 50,00 or less and Lachenals made by Louis or Elizabeth to be about 25,000 or less.

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I’ve just found this damaged old concertina in my mothers loft I’d love to know it’s age . The bellows are completely apart on the inside it reads lachenal &co London 8 lit James st grays inn Rd wc. I can’t find any numbers although I’ve not looked on bellows as I’m not wanting to damage it more 

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