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Found 22 results

  1. hello everyone, new user here. i'm also relatively new to concertinas but i have been practicing with an anglo for about a month and i can play one semi-intermediate difficulty song currently. anyways i recently got a rochelle 2 and i think i would do better with a duet than anglo so after a bit of research i settled on getting a stagi hayden duet 46 instead of trading in the rochelle and paying the same for a troubadour which has fewer buttons. in my research i heard that stagi used to be pretty hit and miss, but after the company was taken over by new owners, quality control got better and they're more consistent now. i had been emailing will wakker about how the trade in thing works before deciding not to trade up and told him i decided to go with a stagi instead because of more buttons for the same price and he informed me that because of how stagi actions are constructed, they need to be serviced more often, and that i should procure some replacement "rubber action connectors" so i'm prepared when something breaks to be able to fix it, and that stagi uses an action design he referred to as "rubber band action". i can't find any descriptions online about this or even pictures or diagrams of the actions and which parts he's referring to. i can open the instrument and look at it when it gets here but in the mean time i'd like to do as much research as i can on the matter. the only image i can find anywhere online of a stagi action is a picture in this thread where i can't make out which part is supposed to be the rubber action connectors. i don't know if it matters that the thread is about an english, while mine is a duet. do they use different mechanisms? i also don't know where i would get a set of these parts. he suggested that i ask the retailer i got it from, which is red cow music, but i don't see anything on their site about any replacement parts.
  2. 650UKP (about 820USD) or make an offer. I bought it 18 months ago. It has a hard case as shown. I started on this and have now got a Peacock. I posted some close-up pictures of it in this thread. I'm in Kent in SE England. The buyer will have to pay for shipping, or I can hand it over in London. PM or email dave AT daveroyal DOT com
  3. The title says it all! I recently missed out on purchasing a Stagi Hayden duet concertina on eBay, and thought I'd check here to see if anybody might be selling one. (I did see a handful of listings on here, but most were posted over 10 years ago.) Thanks in advance!
  4. I am looking to purchase a 48 button Stagi English Baritone Concertina. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello Everyone, Just a note about the Stagi Hayden Duet. Over the years their have been many issues and complaints about Stagi concertinas. can I now say that since the takeover of this lovely small company, the standard of the concertinas has been outstanding. The tuning is excellent, the actions are fast and the build quality is wonderful. I have been selling these instruments on and of for many years, and can now say that I am so pleased with the result. Thank you
  6. I made a bellows jig by packing an empty milk pack with newspaper. Stainless steel pipe in the center. One side width is 60 mm. It fits perfectly in Stagi / Trinity College /maybe Swan, Lochele Trinity College / Maybe the Swan has the problem of melting gussets over time ... a jig for that. *duplicate post on Facebook
  7. I have a Stagi 46 button Hayden Duet with the apparently Hayden-designed slanted keyboard, offset from the handrail so the thumb side buttons are closer than the pinky side buttons. I didn't know duet keyboards came any other way until I saw the Concertina Connection Wicky/Hayden hybrids...with the hand rail in line with the keyboard. No slant. Now the slant on my Stagi keyboard bugs the hell out of me, and I know why my pinky is practically useless on the upper rows. Anybody changed the handrail position on a Stagi? Any experiences, caveats, etc?
  8. Hello guys, my experience is that I lost 700 euros. I live in Brazil and in July last year (2019) I had a friend traveling through Italy. So I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to buy a 46 Stagi Hayden Duet. My dream is to play brasilian music with that instrument. I researched the Internet and found that Stagi Lorenzo was the owner of the Brunnermusica.com store for over 30 years and that it was the same factory as Bastari. On the website I found an email and a phone number to contact. I chose the email first to keep everything registered. I asked if a Hayden Duet 46 was in stock and if it could be shipped within 20 days to a specific address. They said yes, no problem and sent me a deposit account in the name of "Stagi Lorenzo". Perfect! I made the transfer and waited very satisfied. I made the transfer exactly on my birthday as a gift to myself with money that I spent a lot of time saving. My friend's return date passed and an instrument arrived at the specific address 5 days late. But not a Hayden Duet, a Bastari W15 totally damaged inside, with several notes without sound. Pay attention! I lost money that supports my whole family for a whole month here in Brazil to these serious professionals and concerned about their customers!!! Thanks for your attention and good luck!!
  9. Hi! I recently bought a new stagi haydn duet and when it was delivered everything was fine except one thing! The lowest C on the bass side is out of tune and rustling and wheezing a bit. I opened the concertina up to look at it and the reeds are attached to reed blocks but the space is really narrow so it seems hard to be able to tune one reed, and even hard to tune noth in and out. I could remove the reed block but its waxed/glued on, so it seems a bit much just to tune one set of reeds. Now, I am an accordion player and have some experience with tuning accordions so that part isn't the problem, the problem is getting to the reeds. Any ideas? Regards, Ernst Rolf
  10. Greetings -- I'm a concertina newbie, just bought a Stagi 46 note (I know, I know, the concertina all love to hate, nevertheless, I like the sound, system and esp the price ? ). I was playing around with the strap tightness/looseness, and it suddenly occurred to me that no matter how I adjusted it, it still seemed awkward to reach some notes from some others. Then I thought what if really loosen it up and put all my fingers through, and when I did I realized I'd gained 25% more fingers (20% more if one is bad at math, so let's split the difference and call it 22.5%). Of course, the part of the back of hand that makes contact with the strap for bellowing is closer to the wrist, and resting each end of the concertina on the corresponding leg may be needed for stability given the looser straps and not using the thumbs for stability. Having all 10 fingers then permits easier interval stretches and more fingering options for both melodies and chords. I do allow for the possibility that as a newbie, I simply don't realize this is ridiculous, scandalous and will never work as I progress, but just wondering, does anyone out there use their thumbs to play concertina?
  11. I have a C-3 stagi concertina and soft pouch for sale if interested I can post some pics. The price I'm asking is 200 can negotiate. It's a 20 key with 3 reeds per note.
  12. My English Concertina (stagi tenor treble 56 key) lost one of its metal buttons. The lower part broke. Is there any way out there to get a new one? Or is there hope, that the original button can be fixed? I include a picture of the button and a picture of the action I finally managed to open, so you can see, what I need. If everything fails I may use the button of a rarely used note to fill the gap… but of course, I would prefer it to be "really" fixed Any hints? PS: Don't buy this stagi model! Really badly made.
  13. Want to sell this concertina bought 20 years ago. Not used very much, but a scratch in the leather where the bellow is attached (see photo). Perfect condition. Hardcase included. I am living in Denmark. Price 200 euro + shipping.
  14. I am selling my Stagi W-15-MS which I have had for a few years. Right now it's in great playing condition and tune. When I first obtained it, there were the usual complaints...sticky buttons, some duff notes, etc. I gave it a make-over which included renewing the button retainers, taper-reaming the button holes to smooth and insure easy button travel, replaced the silvery grill 'cloth' with a fabric material, and did a thorough retune and re-set of reeds. I also lowered the button action a bit and enlarged the air button vent. This model features each reed plate being fastened by a screw, rather than waxed in. The instrument is now quite enjoyable to play, has a sweet tone, and has been my travel companion on many trips. . Compression is excellent, has the typical leather covered bellows, all intact, no leaks. Comes with a rather pedestrian, but clean and serviceable hard case. Would be a good instrument for a starter, or a good travel box. I will also offer a limited approval time (TBD), if not satisfied, buyer to pay for return shipping. Asking US$350.00 + shipping. Contact me via PM, and ask for a quote on shipping, or any other questions you may have. I live in the Northwest USA. Donation to the site will be made if sold through this medium.............................................................................................................................................. See photos attached, and sound sample (video link). Reason for selling: I have reached a stage in life where I am compelled to simplify and reduce my herd of instruments significantly. To this end, I have been slowly parting with some melodeons, stringed instruments, and now the Stagi. I also have a very fine hand-made Tedrow that I will retain as my sole concertina. Sound sample here: https://youtu.be/EniUC-BpfdA
  15. I've picked up my mini EC lately....so cute....the 18-button Stagi. Today I discovered that the song Wildwood Flower (folk song) fits nicely, played in the key of F, and I can easily add a harmony to it. What else could I play, with an added harmony? Any ideas? Doesn't have to be a folk song.... I've been playing a cha cha thing on my piano accordion, in fact, and that's got me hooked, though I just don't think a cha cha will work out on the mini EC, ha ha.... I love that the mini Stagi is so nice and loud, for being such a small thing.
  16. It's a Stagi English A 48 S Tenor without decorations, it has a stagi bag with it. The bag cost about 60 USD(but I paid in SEK, so it's approximately), the concertina itself cost 653 USD(paid both in SEK ofc) It's barely played and I think it had decent quality, but I can't say since I do not know much about these. Been in it's bag for most of the year. The reason for selling it is not due to any disappointments with the product but because I can't play it very well at all. I am a keyboardist and I'm not very experienced in that area yet either. So I'm probably going to buy a melodica to "replace" it, being a portable free reed instrument as well, difference being that I know how to play keys and have had experience with playing melodicas before. If anyone has any other idea of where I could ask on the net about the price, I'd be happy to receive a link to the place. EDIT: The title was cut off, this thread is asking about what price I should sell it at.
  17. This is a stock C/G Stagi W-15 LN that was "Turboed" by Bob Tedrow of Homewood Music. He put brass bushings and brass buttons on the stock concertina as the plastic ones were prone to stick. I'm not sure, but I seem to remember reading that he did something to make the action work smoother also. I never played a stock Stagi, so I have nothing to compare it to. I sent it to the Button Box to refurbish the bellows at which time they put leather patches where needed (see pictures and video). Takes 10 full seconds to expand from fully compressed with no buttons pressed. The screen between the grill and the reeds on the right hand side is pushed in a little, but does not affect the sound or function of the concertina. I've played it for 8 years and have upgraded to an Edgley Professional (love it, by the way!) This is a great beginner/intermediate instrument for a good price. New W-15 LN goes for $900 at the Button Box. I'm asking $500 or best offer before I put it on eBay. See pics and YouTube video HERE A few tunes HERE
  18. I have a Stagi where the finish has a milky white blush: Has anyone else experienced this? Do you have a fix for it? From reading up on the Internet it seems that this is probably caused by excessive moisture trapped in the finish and that sometimes it can be removed by rubbing the surface with whatever was used as the reducing agent (aka. thinner) in the original finish. Interesting to note that the handrails have not gone milky so presumably these were sprayed on a different occasion. I have not tried this yet as I don't like messing with solvents inside the house and it has been too damn cold to work outside. I am also not sure what solvent to use. I am trying avoid sanding off the finish as the layer of veneer is really very thin. Don.
  19. Hello, I just bought some concertina bellows for my stagi concertina and unfortunately they don't fit. The with across the sides are the same but it has an extra lip. That is problem number one. The next problem is that holes are too big on the new bellows. Thank you for looking, Badok88
  20. So, this concertina has a lovely tone. I had purchased it, thinking that it would be my thing, but instead fell in love with the piano accordion, meaning that this little beastie has been sitting in it's case, having only ever had a few tunes played on it. It needs a more loving home! Technical info on it: It is a 48-button Stagi, Model A48-S English Concertina Treble Range (it's not super high and squeaky like a lot of them--it's got a nice, rich tone to it). 6-fold Leather Bellows Steel Reeds Weighs a little over three pounds Six sided Made in Italy Mahogany colored wood, with a herringbone edge Leather thumb straps Metal finger braces Highest note is C, lowest is G Like I mentioned, this instrument really hasn't ever been played, so the all of it, bellows included will last a good long time. I'm asking $750 for it. It comes with a black hard case with a handle, which is also brand new. I've put up a Craigslist posting for this, so that you can have a look at the photos, since my file sizes are too large to load here. Here's the link! http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/msg/4152374121.html
  21. I picked up this concertina on Ebay. It seems to have been made by Stagi for Matusewitch Associates, New York. Is anyone familiar with these instruments? It seems to be higher quality construction than the 1970-80's Stagi that I've seen. The box appears to have been stored in a basement and will need some restoration. The hardware is corroded but most of the reeds are in good shape. I'm trying to estimate how much I should put into it. I purchased it for $179. Thanks
  22. 30 button C/G Stagi Concertina for sale Faithful Stagi for sale, my starter instrument. Sale includes standard concertina case. Works well and in very good condition. Has some of the usual Stagi vices, eg: bellows not finished very nicely, not 100% air tight (but close to 95%), action on some buttons not perfect. I have moved on to a Norman, but this will do a good job of getting someone else going with the Anglo. Sale from Peterborough UK. £275 ONO seem reasonable?, roughly double this new.
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