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  1. Thanks, That's an interesting technique for the bellows - I will try it out in the morning. Edel Fox is a great player and I will have to watch her bellow technique more closely. Thanks again, Badok88
  2. Year, He was playing it and I couldn't even see the bellows moving. Badok88
  3. Hello, Thanks for your case suggestion Chris - it look like it would ever brake! Thanks also for the suggestions about the music ceemonster I will try them out. Badok88
  4. Hello, I was the one who asked about the concertina. I am glad you got a good price for it. My dad and I were cursing ourselves for not going for the buy it now price. We found anouther one in the end which is brilliant. Badok88
  5. Hello, I would just like to second reaper which I use for recording my guitar with my blue yeti - if you want the recording I did with it just ask. Badok88
  6. I can't seem edit but the Jeffries was squeezecats instrument. I am sure there was a thread on this case but I can't find it anymore. Badok
  7. Also one quick question, What do you think a good case for a concertina would be? A while a go their was an auction for a Jeffries with a brilliant case - does anyone know where I can find one like that? Badok88
  8. Thanks for your idea, Unfortunately my thumbs aren't strong enough to hold the bellows up like like that. Badok88
  9. ohh, Thanks i play guitar so I should of recognized that. Badok88
  10. haha, i am not even sure what it is in the photo! Badok88
  11. Thank you John, I have tried all of these out and I have found that left end on left knee works best for me. Thank you, Badok88
  12. Thank you for your reply's, That's a good idea on the bellows I will try that. I already read music - on my trumpet I am about to take grade 5. I really like the layout of the English system and I have been learning a song called sergeants Cahill. Thanks again for your reply's, Badok88
  13. Hello, I have been learning the Anglo for a while now on an instrument generously given to me by danersen but have unfortunately worn out the bellows by rubbing them against my leg. Then on eBay I found an English for sale and won for the starting price - £299. It is a Lachenal 48 button tutor model but I have some questions about it. Is there anyway I could stop the bellows rubbing against my leg when I play and wearing them out? Would a neck strap help? And also any tips on playing the English would be good as well. Thank you very much, Badok88
  14. Is this still for sale? Badok88
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