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  1. Thank you very much for your answer! I will try your trip and check it. I'll post a picture on the inside too.
  2. Hi! I recently bought a new stagi haydn duet and when it was delivered everything was fine except one thing! The lowest C on the bass side is out of tune and rustling and wheezing a bit. I opened the concertina up to look at it and the reeds are attached to reed blocks but the space is really narrow so it seems hard to be able to tune one reed, and even hard to tune noth in and out. I could remove the reed block but its waxed/glued on, so it seems a bit much just to tune one set of reeds. Now, I am an accordion player and have some experience with tuning accordions so that part isn't the problem, the problem is getting to the reeds. Any ideas? Regards, Ernst Rolf
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