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  1. I've just put a Craigslist listing up for this, so that the photos can be looked at. Here's the link: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/msg/4152374121.html
  2. So, this concertina has a lovely tone. I had purchased it, thinking that it would be my thing, but instead fell in love with the piano accordion, meaning that this little beastie has been sitting in it's case, having only ever had a few tunes played on it. It needs a more loving home! Technical info on it: It is a 48-button Stagi, Model A48-S English Concertina Treble Range (it's not super high and squeaky like a lot of them--it's got a nice, rich tone to it). 6-fold Leather Bellows Steel Reeds Weighs a little over three pounds Six sided Made in Italy Mahogany colored wood, w
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