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  1. Hello all, I went to the dark side and bought a button accordion. But before I get excommunicated from the group, I'd like to offer my 30 button hybrid Edgley Anglo concertina up for sale here before posting it on eBay. Hand made by Frank Edgley, I took delivery of #502 in April 2014 for over $2,600 U.S., including case. It's his Professional model with angled reed pans, 7 bellows, Indian Rosewood with metal ends. Plays fast and sounds great. It's been well kept in a sealed Pelican "Storm Case" (included) and has no leaks or signs of wear except for the paint is somewhat worn off of the hand rests. Asking $2,000 U.S., shipping to U.S. included. Located in Tom's River, NJ, USA. Pics attached, contact me with any questions. Thanks, Neil Calore
  2. This is a stock C/G Stagi W-15 LN that was "Turboed" by Bob Tedrow of Homewood Music. He put brass bushings and brass buttons on the stock concertina as the plastic ones were prone to stick. I'm not sure, but I seem to remember reading that he did something to make the action work smoother also. I never played a stock Stagi, so I have nothing to compare it to. I sent it to the Button Box to refurbish the bellows at which time they put leather patches where needed (see pictures and video). Takes 10 full seconds to expand from fully compressed with no buttons pressed. The screen between the grill and the reeds on the right hand side is pushed in a little, but does not affect the sound or function of the concertina. I've played it for 8 years and have upgraded to an Edgley Professional (love it, by the way!) This is a great beginner/intermediate instrument for a good price. New W-15 LN goes for $900 at the Button Box. I'm asking $500 or best offer before I put it on eBay. See pics and YouTube video HERE A few tunes HERE
  3. Thanks fellas. Great article, Ken. You mentioned good camping near-by and a thought popped into my head . . . a night at the NESI AND a night at the PMFF! The jury's still out!
  4. Clare FM (Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland) broadcasts 2 hours of traditional Irish music every weeknight with different hosts for each show. Some shows focus more on 'em then others, but usually at least one concertina tune. Here is the link to their archives: http://www.clare.fm/music/ClareFM%20trad%20archive
  5. They appear to be scheduled for the same weekend. I know they are two different types of events, but think I would enjoy both. Both are a long ride from Philadelphia, but last year's NESI was definitely worth it! Several people there (notibly Ken Sweeney) were talking about the Festival ( I think they were a week apart last year). So, has any body been to the Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival? The Performers section on the website shows a few concertinas. Here's the link: http://www.newenglandfolknetwork.org/pmff/index.html 2009_PMFF_8.5x11.pdf
  6. I don't know if this was posted before, but I got a kick out of it. Anybody know of any other movies (vintage or otherwise) with a concertina it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYRzkELdCjI
  7. I am too jealus . . . . . . looks (and sounds) like a beautiful instrument. good luck with it! I am getting close to upgrading from the trusty accordion reeded variety myself (don't tell my wife!)
  8. Thanx for bringing up the topic, Doug. You were raving about the NESI at a Noel Hill house concert in New Jersey a while ago, but I kept talking myself out of going. Didn't fall for the excuses this year, tho - just booked a campsite. I'm driving up from Philadelphia Friday morning, if anybody along the way needs a ride (p/u truck; room for 1 +stuff) Looking forward to meeting everybody, listening & (hopefully) learning something while I'm up there. Neil Calore sailen2@juno.com
  9. Anybody going to the Micheal O'Raghallaigh / Ivan Goff concert on June 7th at The COATESVILLE CULTURAL SOCIETY? (as noted on th C-Net home page, NEWS & UPDATES section)
  10. Thanx Laitch. That's definitely the same mfr. I should've tried searching the archives first. My friend will get a kck out of the posts. Neil
  11. Hello All, I'm looking for any information on a concertina that came from Ireland to the U.S. somewhere around the 1920's with my friend's aunt. This is what I know: 1. It was made in Germany 2. It is a 20 button Anglo, but it seems to be double reeded. 3. A trademark type seal was imprinted in the wooden end. It is very faint, but has a picture of a Swan in the middle of a circle with the words "HANGELS (or HANBELS) FABRK MARKE", also within the circle. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Neil Calore Philadelphia, PA, USA
  12. Actually, I think hell would be getting stuck in a room with a novice uillean piper for all eternity... Even as a novice concertinist, I find it very meditative. My wife, on the other hand, finds it to be more like Hell!
  13. HELL just a got a little more crowded. A quick estimate of C-net members is 1400+! Now, if you get stuck in the same room with me playing my 'tina, YOU'D BE IN HELL!
  14. Yeah, I know what you mean, Lars. I've been playing a twenty button Stagi for a couple of months and had to "soup" it up per some of the suggestions on this forum. I will consider your suggestion as it was a pain in the butt!
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