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  1. You would not be surprised if you had met Ben. Hint: his house in Canada is full of South African memorabilia. And if you had met Ben you would know that he is a straight up guy who maintains his instruments in beautiful condition. Don. I've not met Ben, but, we've had long distant communication and transactions, in fact, The instrument I referred to was purchased from no other. Why, We're piraticly old friends. I always check out his offerings.
  2. Hey Ben, I had to go check my case to make sure you hadn't taken mine, painted it black and posted it on Ebay. We pirates trust no one. YOL
  3. Miriam, Why not just post the pictures here? Some hesitate to give out personal info of any kind. If you have trouble, I'm sure someone here can walk you through the process. Besides, we all like lookin' at these things. Just askin'
  4. Wow! If the buttons were teeth, it could eat corn on the cobb through a chain link fence...like some of my former girlfriends. I've never seen a Jeffries in person or pictures of one in pieces. It looks to me like the guides at the bottom of the buttons are broken off or the guide holes are greatly worn (If they have them) Question for those who do such things - Why is it so expensive to put a Jeffries back to playing order when you can get a Lachenal in about the same condition restored for around $1,000 US? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I just can't see the difference unless there's a great difference in material cost. Thanks
  5. What ever it was, It'd have to have brass keys so they didn't rust 'till I starved or thirsted to death.
  6. drbones

    What is it

  7. I've scanned this thread and don't see any reference to "The Melodians (are coming)". If it's been mentioned, I apologize. "I think I just saw one swallow a concertina whole." I don't know where I found it. I thought from this site. I Googled it and came up with "Rivers of Babalon"... Band name? Hilarious. Now that's my kinda music!
  8. That's one strange concertina. I've never seen a round one like that. How does it work? Do you put your fingers over the little holes and the black bladder around the outside provides the air, or do you spin it and hold you fingers over them kind of like a hurdy gurdy? Does look like you'd get a lotta miles out of it. I hope the manufacturer has a good year, last I heard, they had a problem with the disc breaking and you had to replace the pads every 10,000 miles. Certainly is a new spin on an old design, but, why re-invent the wheel? So, does the lock make a squeeling sound? I'm sure it stops the rubber, er, Robber in their tracks. Does it come with Lo-Jack? It would be great if it did so you could disable it in the middle of the thief's session. OK, I've treaded in this thread long enough. Never mind. I can't believe I'm about to post this, but, here goes! "CLICK"
  9. Slippy bought a box on Ebay and the Rochelle I described here is sold. Thanks to all who showed interest.
  10. Anybody...Please excuse my ignorance..like so many time before.. What makes a Linota a Linota?
  11. Hey Tragus, I PM'd ye about this, so if you're still interested let me know, if not, then still let me know cause somebody else is lookin' at it and you sure don't wanna miss out. This may well may be the only Rochelle with turbo air since I enlarged the air hole to 3/4 inch so it's not asthmatic anymore. Regaarrrrds ps: I'm old and lived a hard life so time is limited and out of respect of the other party, I need to know by this weekend please. Thanks
  12. Dear Slippy, Is that your real name? We have a guy in our pirates club named Slappy and the story of how he got his name is not fitting for the mixed company of this forum. Condolences. (I use this term instead of my most endearing, "You poor bastard".) And I'm referring to your situation being ordered to take up concertina, not your financial status or whether or not you knew your father. Like art, "Nominal cost", is in the wallet of the beholder. Yes, you can get a box on Ebay for less than $200, however, it's unlikely, but not impossible, it will be playable to the point not to be so frustrating that you give it up. I bought no less than 6 cheap ones on Ebay (less than $100) before I found one that didn't leak air so bad I could manage 5 or 6 notes before using the air button. (I'm talking Anglo, never tried an English) Don't waste your money like I did hoping for a decent instrument someone is literally giving away to the highest bidder. The Youtube links show 2 anglo concertinas, 2 English concertinas , a guiter and trio of guitar, fiddle, (Violin, if you will), and what appears to be a base fiddle? (Base violin if you will).. forget all that, you're not ready for that yet. I guess I'd have to ask if you play any instrument before going forward. I'll assume not. I never attempted any instrument before taking up "THE BOX". Much like crack cocain, once you take (Play) your first toke (Note), you're hooked and you just can't put it down. I'm not a drug user but I once played one on TV so I know what I'm talking about....not really, that's a lie, this is just my limited experience opinion. I don't read music, I just play the tunes I know by ear. I can't see how anyone could read the notes from a sheet, look at the buttons, figure the in or out pull, and play the correct note. It would have to be maddening. Just push the buttons until you find the right ones and remember where they are. Eventually, your fingers will remember even if you're brain doesn't. I'm assuming your Cap'n wants a few sea shanties or jigs, etc., thats what I do. I started with tunes I knew, then downloaded some midi files and played them a few notes at a time and practiced them accordingly. There's a lot of good guidance on this forum for the beginner. Lord knows I owe my squeezin life to it. (It's the only life have left now.) As far as a good beginner instrument, I'd say most here would suggest the Rochelle from Concertina Connection and distributed by several sponsors of this site. It has the spacing of buttons and tuning of a typical vintage 30 button Anglo instrument which makes it easier to make the jump to an extraordinarily expensive instrument once you're hooked. And you will be,... you will be. ( I'm talking about a couple'a thousand bucks) Ahhemmm, I just happen to have a Rochelle which I cut my teeth on and will sacrifice for a mere $250 (plus shipping) with the original, deluxe, velvet lined, padde gig bag already adorned with awsome jolly rogers on both ends and around the sides. (I'm talking custom here.) I'm sure your Cap'n will love it even if you never learn how to play it. And if you buy it here, today, it comes with an unlimited supply of air for the life of the instrument.... Supplies are limited, so call today. Did I mention it has 30 cylinders, 60 valves, dual overhead cams and turbo air? Check out that black laquer finish... Sweeeet! And here it is!!!
  13. That sure looks like my Rochelle, without the fancy Jolly Rogers all over it of course. Oh! S.S., There ain't no saquaros to squeeze in Greenland so ye might better take one with ya.
  14. I'll not apologise, but, it was not my intention to offend anyone. My sense of humor can be a little kiltered. I'm sure she may have been someone's mother and surely someone's daughter as with the gentleman possibly being someone's father and certainly someone's son. These people were intertainers and obviously leaned toward the comedianic side of show business. Although they are most probably not around anymore, I believe they would have seen my remarks as humor and probably shot them right back at me, at least that's what I would expect from them. It's too bad everyone can't take life that way.
  15. Paul, I don't think I've ever seen you ask for anything on this site. You're usually giving the advice. I've worked with metal, wood, plastic, and just about everything else that can be worked with but I've only been involved with concertinas for a few years so please excuse my ignorance. I have no idea what you're asking for and there may be others here that may be able to help if they knew. Could you put up a picture of the beading? OLDNICKILBY's responce was rather technical. What the hell is a Stanley 45? Like I said, I'm ignorant. Thanks
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