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    I just want to buy a decent yet inexpensive concertina :)
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  1. I've been instructed by the Captain of my ship that I must buy a concertina. Check out his tongue-in-cheek orders: When I asked him some questions about sources, he humorously replied: First, I don't want to spend $200 on an instrument I probably can't learn how to play Next, although I have seen this same model on eBay for $50, it seems like a piece of junk, after reading people's reviews of the model. Lastly, *IF* I was in fact able to learn how to play a concertina, I'd like to have one that is decent. Cap'n told me to get an Anglo concertina. Might anyone have one for sale that would be suitable for my needs, or do you have any suggestions for a source/model/style etc.? 20 or 30 button? Does an Anglo make the same sound in both directions (or is there even a connection between the two)? Thanks very much for your help, First Mate Slippy
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