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  1. Price: $7,500.00 CANADIAN CURRENCY Address: Kingston, ONTARIO, Canada This was my great uncle's concertina and has been in the family since it was purchased. Being sold as-is. Missing 5 original keys. Refurbishment estimate is $2500 - $3000 CDN. Will ship worldwide. Please contact me for additional photos or with questions.
  2. Hi- I never heard back from you. I am still interested in buying the concertina. Please name your price - if you have on in mind. Thanks,


  3. I am considering selling my great-uncle's Jeffries 38-key concertina. It needs complete refurbishing, estimated at about $2500 CDN to do the work. Is it better to sell it in as-is condition now, or have the refurbishment done first, then sell for a better price? Thanks for any information you can provide!
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