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  1. I have a Wheatstone C/G 30 button anglo concertina for sale. This concertina is in a very good condition and comes from the early 1950's era. If a member of this forum is interested in this concertina and buys it from me then a suitable donation will be made to C.net.
  2. ben

    Wheatstone EC on Shop Goodwill

    I live in Ontario....this province is very large...I will try to find out where this Goodwill store is...and if it is not too far I can go and take a look.
  3. I prefer to sell off ebay. If a member of this forum is interested then PM me. IF this instrument is sold through C.net then a donation will be made to this site.
  4. I have a Wheatstone C/G 30 Button concertina for sale. If a member of this forum is interested in buying this instrument PM me. If it is sold to a member of this forum then a suitable donation will be made to C.net.
  5. ben


    Hello Willem, I have sent you a Personal Message.
  6. ben

    Wheatstone Maccaan Duets For Sale

    Hello Mike, I am glad to help out. It is better for these concertinas to be played than to sit on a mantle piece or a museum for display only. Cheers, Ben
  7. ben

    Wheatstone Maccaan Duets For Sale

    I have updated the ad with the serial numbers which the seller has just sent to me via Whats App. Thanks
  8. I have been asked by a friend in South Africa to place an ad for anyone interested in buying Wheatstone Maccaan Duet concertinas. These concertinas are in mint condition and were left as part of an inheritance by the seller's father. I believe that these concertinas were made in the early 1950's. I am not a Duet player but I think that the concertina set includes a 80 keys/button duet (serial number 36349), a 68 key/button duet concertina (36396) and one that has 57 keys /buttons (36372). If anyone is interested please call Rose Palmer + 27 65 199 8698 (South Africa). (PS I am not getting any commission but trying to help out a lady who is getting ready for retirement and who has no access to a computer),
  9. The concertina sold on ebay. Thanks.
  10. I checked out the blog...and no mention was made if the Kingwood Edgely concertina is a Vintage Model or a Professional (hybrid) concertina. It is a beautiful concertina......I wonder if Frank makes Vintage models in the key of G/D?
  11. ben

    Scored A Miniature Lachenal

    Congratulations on your rare find!
  12. Try to contact Frank Edgely...he collaborated/worked with Harold Herrington. His email address is: edgelyconcertinas@gmail.com......or phone him at: 519 991-3100. He lives in Windsor, Canada. Frank makes similar reed units as what the late Harold Herrington did.
  13. ben

    Gold Tooling On Bellows

    Greg Jowaisas and Bob Tedrow are the best guys to answer your questions. Bob did an excellent job on one of my concertinas.
  14. Here is my spanking brand new Dipper C/G 40 button anglo made by Colin and Rosalie Dipper (Date: October 30, 2017). I have also added a photo of Colin and Rosalie DIpper...and another photo of my Dipper C/G 40 button along side my new Wifra Ab/Eb (Date: October 17, 2017) ...built by Willie van Wyk from South Africa.