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  1. Slightly off topic, Barleycorn now lists 22 key Lachenal C/G which has G#/Bb on the LHS and C#/D# on the RHS. YAGI ?
  2. I have no idea but I suppose @Dowright can provide approximate date from the serial number. YAGI ?
  3. According to this page and some older threads, there were some B/F#s by various makes in the past. Its not a common key though. My opinion to the OP is that leave it in the original key. I have re-tuned G/D (from Ab/Eb) and enjoy this but would like to hear the original tuning sometimes. YAGI ?
  4. John Connor no longer makes new instruments (retired in 2015) but still has his website since 2016. https://www.connorconcertinas.co.uk/ YAGI ?
  5. I found this chart of Stagi 40 button assuming C/G tuning. http://www.accordionary.com/en/product/4954/stagi-anglo.html YAGI ?
  6. I came across this youtube clip. Dipper with pierced metal sides. YAGI ?
  7. They are preparing English ones. Online store will be updated in the next week or two. Unfortunately overseas shipping seems not yet available... YAGI ?
  8. Just noticed this one from @gcoover on ebay (presumably Gremlin badged Norman). Accordion reeds are mounted on the individual reed pan like traditional instruments . Now many hybrid makers fit reeds behind the action board. When it has changed ? Photo is from ebay.
  9. My miniature anglos. Jones 26+2 button (semi-miniature), Jones 10 button and Norman 13 button. YAGI ?
  10. Thank you for the lever photo. Hooked action and numbered keys look like early Lachenal to me. If Lachenal, @Dowright would you please tell the approximate year of this serial number 11900 ? YAGI ?
  11. Does it have hooked action or riveted action? Photo of the levers might help. YAGI ?
  12. The bellows paper looks like Jones to me. YAGI ?
  13. Just FYI, McNeela lists a Jeffries with pierced metal sides now. https://mcneelamusic.com/c-jeffries-38-key-concertina/
  14. There is a Jones trademark on the hand rest...
  15. Works OK for me here in Japan at 10:55 GMT. But when I do not log in that is not viewable.
  16. Just noticed vegan concertinas who makes custom concertinas using vintage recycled reeds.
  17. Just FYI, Barleycorn lists a Dipper with pierced metal sides now. http://www.concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/?concertina=3145
  18. C and S issue 31 mentioned above thread had a photo of similar one (Crabb). Except for that I can only recall wooden ones.
  19. I found a different version of J Wallis label without 'PATENT' (not mine).
  20. I suppose this one https://thesession.org/tunes/579
  21. I suppose "Fasten the leg in her". https://thesession.org/tunes/2838
  22. I suppose Tune1: If We Hadn’t Any Women In The World https://thesession.org/tunes/1376 Tune2: The Little Beggarman https://thesession.org/tunes/566
  23. Congrats and thank you for providing this forum! I have learned a lot for years.
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