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  1. wes

    Three Piratey Tunes From Sea Of Thieves

    Not sure where you all are in your approach to the instrument, but maybe some of you have had a go at Bertram Levy's instructions, and by the by, he has a new booklet out these many years later. I just want to send you in another slightly different direction by suggesting a look listen to Cormac Begley playing "ships a sailing" followed by another version called "Jackson's reel", and to finish off the set, Dunmore lasses. It doesn't get more "piraty". You can find it on his bandcamp site, on the cd "tunes from the church", track 10. It's pitched about 20cents flat. The banjo player is beyond good.
  2. wes

    Is The Concertina For Me?

    appears your interest is duplicating an accordion style in a smaller instrument. the anglo concertina is not an accordion. it only shares some commonalities. explore other styles of concertinas or small button accordions. chemnitzer comes to mind, do a utube look see.
  3. wes

    Newb Fingering Question

    It's all to your own personal liking as whether the tune is legato or bouncing. If you really like legato, you have the wrong instrument for that style. Anglo was designed for the dance rhythm of folk music...or so I've heard. As you develope, you should explore the empty spaces between the notes. Some of the older Irish style players "along the row" are masters at this. Some are younger. Listen to Cormac Begley. There's a few of him on the innertube. His cd is superb. Pick a style you like and work on it. It's a wonderful journey.
  4. My vote is for bamboo, as if I'm correct, it's used for the reed in woodwinds. Now just work on those university researchers. But, if experienced minds here aren't wrong, reed material, at least in the world of steel metallurgy, plays little to no part in sound quality. Now a piece of bamboo....
  5. wes

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    Much appreciation. The first bit is as my ear has it, and just a bit complex. Engaging, it is. I'll try to work up a utube clip. Keep your creative mind flowing. The musical world anticipates it.
  6. wes

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    Thanks, Adrian, I obviously missed your post. Yes, if it's not too much trouble I'd enjoy seeing the scores. I've so far worked out the very first tune to my liking.
  7. wes

    Wtb......38 Key Bb / F Jeffries

    There's one on ebay now. 44b in Vista California. 202217543471
  8. wes

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    An astounding performance. I'm curious about the two tunes on melodion. Anyone familiar with them, or are they his compositions? The first one sits well on the anglo. A pipe tune perhaps.
  9. wes

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    An astounding performance. I'm curious to know if the two melodion pieces are his own and if not, their names and who composed them. Working on the first one, it fits well on anglo. Could be a pipe tune.
  10. Would like to post an easy fix for a common problem. Do you have a valve (pos! Flat piece of hair sheep leather that won't behave? Causing a sound of two notes buzzing? The dreaded 'flutter'? Just use a fine small brush dipped in leather/cloth glue, you know, the stuff thats sold at craft stores and dries clear. Lay it judiciously along the offending valves length. It dries in a jiffy and you troubles are over.
  11. The reed just chops the air. Magical it is. From all this discusion/dissertation that fact is key. On my pads, I recently have changed from dense foam to wool felt, not thinking of the tonal changes..
  12. It's utter stupidity. The anglo concertina in the "Irish style" is, I think, more difficult than classical piano..and I've had a good go at both.
  13. I guess Cris already answered that question for the most part. Interested to hear an answer on the question of temper between the two spring grades.
  14. I'll second that. So much great information from people with experience. I've been in one of my work stints, but will switch some reeds from the modern to the vintage, just to prove it to myself. I have had a thought in the past, that if I were to keep the new instrument, that I would remove all the dense foam used in place of chamois sealer and replace it with chamois. (Now I'm giving away the maker...) its the only obvious visible difference besides the more precise reed fitting work, and the reed plates being made of 3 layers of hardwood. Could too much precision in all aspects of construction be a factor?
  15. There was a discussion here a few months back on the topic of how the concertina doesn't lend itself well to modern music. As I recall, it sounded like all that joined in were in agreement. Think again. I hope many of you here show your support for this creative talent that plays the instrument you love so much. Heres a link to one of his utube vids https://youtu.be/yAHCo6gMiWQ