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  1. RWL


    I don't play every day, but I do play often enough. My fingertips still get a little tender if I've been playing for an hour or two. Not unbearably tender, but I do notice them.
  2. With regard to the green lining. You might try looking at a fabric shop for ultrasuede. It may or may not be a match. Or you could take the case itself to the fabric shop and ask if they have any material that matches. You're unlikely to find the perfect color match, but you may find the right fabric in a shade that's close.
  3. I made a (too) heavy case for my TT Edeophone several years ago. A year or so ago I sewed a shoulder strap for it. The shoulder strap was a big improvement, but I'm planning to replace that case made with 1/2" plywood with one made from 1/4" plywood. When I made it, I allowed extra length so I could put in my hand held recorder, music glasses, and a 3D printed holder for the screwdriver & pencil. A .002" cleaning shim that Greg Jowaisas gave me resides in the bottom of the box sandwiched between cereal box cardboard.
  4. RWL

    No Concertina Christmas Tree???

    Yay. Thanks Greg. Keep building it. It's fun to go window shopping and also to see what you've been working on.
  5. No Concertina tree this year Greg? We miss it.
  6. Both VLC media player and Pot Player will play wmv files and both are freeware, but I wouldn't install a program just to see one file.
  7. I'm glad to know it's viewable by at least some outside of the US. VLC and Pot Player (what I use) are both good video viewers. Whether it's viewable to Apple users or not I don't know. For those who can't see the video it's a classic story line - Salesman's car breaks down and he goes to a farmhouse for help. Farmer has a pretty daughter. Spends the night at the farmhouse. Salesman and daughter sneak off in the night, knocking a concertina off an upright piano in the process, leading to loud sounds. Father doesn't wake up until he hears the sounds of bottle caps from the beer being popped off.
  8. One of our concertinas falling off a piano isn't funny, but it was a square shaped instrument and I suspect it was an inexpensive ebay prop bought for the occasion. If it had been my Edeophone, I'd be crying.
  9. Here's a funny Budweiser beer commercial with a concertina sighting at 24 seconds. The original was an mp4 file which most viewers could probably open, but it was almost 5 Mb so it couldn't be attached to this thread. The only way I could find to shrink it enough to make it attachable was to convert it to a windows wmv file - and in ntsc format. Some on the other side of the Atlantic might not be able to view this. If there's another workaround to make it more universally viewable let me know. Bud_Commercial_w_concertina_@_24_sec.wmv
  10. In a couple of recent threads, flat vs round topped buttons were mentioned and it prompted me to ask the question - am I the only one whose finger tips get tender from playing my concertina? My main instrument is a 56 key tenor treble Edeophone whose buttons are rounded and relatively small. Admittedly it's possible I'm hammering my buttons, but I wondered if tenderness was common to small round topped buttons.
  11. If you find someone in the Portland area, great. Many of us are self taught and used the Butler tutorial on the English concertina: http://www.concertina.com/butler/butler-the-concertina-tutor.pdf
  12. RWL

    Perfecting a setup

    Welcome Michael. I have little to add other than to point out Dave Elliot's book The Concertina Maintenance Manual 2nd Edition which you may have to source from him because of the ridiculous Amazon price. I have "known" Michael through several years of a luthier's discussion group TOBI (theory of bowed instruments) where he has freely shared information on instrument repair. He is one of the premier restorers and is one of the few who have actually worked on and photographed Stradivarius and other similar age instruments.
  13. Is it a tenor treble or an extended treble? What is your expectation on price?
  14. RWL

    Pop Up Ads

    Ad blockers work.
  15. Enough to see the shape of an Edeophone.