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  1. Hello Doug, I wish you all the best in your search for a 20 key Jeffries. It took me a while to find one ( Chris at Barleycorn is always worth a try) I have a 20 key key c/g and a 26 key g/d , both down to Chris.
  2. Hello, I’d like some more details of the 26 key instrument?
  3. That’s a good looking instrument Margaret , good luck on your concertina journey!
  4. I asked Mr CMB a question last night, by EBay email ,no response till now . ......... it looks very nice, as you say if it’s for real.
  5. Hello, it went to Barleycorn concertinas , sorry for late reply
  6. Brilliant! What a very useful metronome, thanks for posting
  7. Hello folks , Des , I will post some photos soon . the dimensions are very similar to my 30 key Crabb Anglo . Yes the 20 key Jeffries is light and very quick, sound wise can’t tell the difference between it and its bigger siblings. Clive , thanks for the tip, the soft solder repair looks old and is very solid. Im being fussy, but I like my instruments to be at their best both cosmetically and sound wise. 🙂 At a guess I’d say that the extra hole in the side was used to hold a small music stand, I’ve seen similar things on old “Sally Army “ instruments.
  8. Another thought, anyone know what the metal ends are made of ?
  9. Hello all , I have a very nice Jeffries 20 key Anglo, it’s a lovely thing to play , light and fast . Although it’s cosmetically quite nice , one end has had a few repairs to the metal work , these have been done with what appears to be standard “soft solder” . The integrity of the repair is sound but looks horrible ( see photo) could anyone recommend either a way I can effect a better repair , or someone who would undertake this kind of of work for me ? thanks in advance
  10. It’s gone , sold elsewhere folks.

  11. Hello folks , still looking for a new home
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