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  1. I keep My Lachenal anglo on my boat in the summertime , it lives in a Peli case and I’m careful about making sure the atmosphere is reasonably dry when I’m playing. Been doing this for a few years without any noticeable detriment. I would say the boat is fairly “airy” and almost never feels damp . Hope that helps .
  2. Well , the further down the list I go the more amazing the tunes become , so good to hear ITM embraced by young and old alike ! Thanks again
  3. Thanks a million for posting these ! Im really enjoying this music , best of all I’m only half way through the list . so good to hear older versions of these wonderful tunes!
  4. I would add; if you decide to go down the surgery route, do your research and go to the team that are most recommend in your area. im sure it’s a different deal but thought I would share: I am currently engaged in treatment for Dupuytren’s contraction on my left hand , which has pulled my pinky and ring finger in by around 30 degrees it has slowed me down, but on the plus side it’s given me a good excuse to work out tunes on the right !
  5. That’s amazingly good information! Thanks to all . the instrument will get a tune up and some pads , should be good for a few years yet !
  6. Steve Dickinson At Wheatstone might have a badge
  7. Thanks for your help everyone, anyone have any idea of the approximate date of the serial number ?
  8. Hello all , you are correct we have a C# D# , on the right hand side + another C#/ b where the C/b would normally live. the left hand side is not yet identified, the reeds are not sounding and I can’t see a note “stamp” , investigation ongoing! thanks for your input
  9. hello folks, i have recently purchased a a 24 key c g Anglo , it has rosewood ends , it looks like this instrument was manufactured with 24 keys from the get go. i haven’t seen another like this . It does require a good service , buts seems quite sound . serial number inside of ends and bellows says 29512 , Also has the J. Wallis , London label on the other end . can any one help with a date / information ? thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for that Ted , I must say that’s a “ bittersweet “ way to get your Baritone. I hope you do indeed find it an investment in your future happiness! im thinking on how to play jigs and reels kind “emptied out” so’s to leave space for the Baritone. I’ve heard Jack Talty & Cormac Begley do some amazing tunes using a Baritone and standard Anglo. finding the information coming from the c net community really helpful. all the best
  11. Thanks for that information Wolf . Im thinking it’s back the Anglo for me ! all the best
  12. Hello Wolf, ok , you have my attention! What is that system ? I do have a c# / d melodeon hiding in the locker 😊
  13. Thanks for that Ken , I typically play my 7 mount c/g Anglo with 2 or three fiddles , English Concertina and mandolin/ banjo . To add interest, some thing in a lower register is what I’m after . I had thought of playing some tunes on the melodeon, sadly I’m to lazy to learn a new instrument so that’s why an Anglo Baritone has caught my eye . I was thinking when playing Baritone I could leave the fast stuff to the others , and as you pointed out a good opportunity to work on the “ bass clef” all the best Martin
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