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  1. French polish is very nice , if your looking for a simple solution try Tru oil , used for gun stocks and often on my mandolins. I've never tried it on concertina ends but it does make a very pleasant finish. good luck with your project
  2. Up till now Mikes Beat mirror is looking like a least a part solution, I’m going to try it thanks
  3. Hello folks , On the subject of current concertina makers : I have just collected my new 22 key hybrid Baritone Anglo in c/g , accidentals are Bb/ Bb and C#/ C# . Designed and built by the talented Paul Harvey in Olive Ash and Hemlock, delrin buttons ,7 fold leather bellows with reclaimed accordion reeds . ( Paul also builds with bellows for veggies ) This instrument is wonderful, beautiful construction , very cool design good tone and surprisingly responsive for a Baritone. Having this instrument built has been a most enjoyable journey from the initial design discussions to completion. For the record, I have no commercial interest with Paul .
  4. I completely understand where your coming from with that question, I have been ignoring the metronome on my recording software for years . I invariably end up using a drum to put down a metronome after I’ve roughly got a few bars down to set the grove . this is less than ideal . I would be fascinated by the prospect of a reliable “thinking” metronome. i have found that timing and grove are even more important when playing concertina, particularly when working alone .
  5. My sixpence worth : I am certain that there are many expert players out there who have an excellent grasp on the use of a drone ( sing out folks ! ) i use my D drone to either “reinforce “ my low D , play Big D chords and very occasionally actually as a drone , an example would be on the B part of a tune , just hang on the drone as you start or end a phrase. Ive also heard the drone used to great effect on a slow air . hope that’s useful, enjoy your new concertina. M
  6. Hello, I’m not quite sure what to advise you , but you sound like you would certainly find Dave Elliott’s concertina manual very useful. http://www.concertina-repair.org.uk/page11.html Dave does a workshop at the WCCP get togethers , always helpful and interesting. good luck on your Anglo journey!
  7. That is a great idea , as someone who struggles to keep up sight reading wise it’s a big help ! many thanks
  8. Well , there are some wonderful modern instruments out there , but at the end of the day there is still nothing to beat a well set up Jeffries. (Just my 5 eggs )
  9. Thanks for posting this video, these tunes are very well played indeed!
  10. I keep My Lachenal anglo on my boat in the summertime , it lives in a Peli case and I’m careful about making sure the atmosphere is reasonably dry when I’m playing. Been doing this for a few years without any noticeable detriment. I would say the boat is fairly “airy” and almost never feels damp . Hope that helps .
  11. Well , the further down the list I go the more amazing the tunes become , so good to hear ITM embraced by young and old alike ! Thanks again
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