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  1. Congratulations! I have been holding some stuff for you, waiting for you to get an instrument. I have doubles of a couple of good books. It has always been my intention to give these to someone who could use them! Contact me - Ken
  2. I was voted "Most truculent" by my graduating class. I hav a tattoo of Mike Tyson on my face. And I believe i'm the ONLY squeezer on the boards to have a WARNING POINT! against me. So here's the deal: although I backed a losing horse, I'm willing to post my version of Wonder Hornpipe this month. I can tell you who wrote it and give a reliable source, and if you want, Jim, I could play it on your old square Harold Harrington box. Take it or leave it. No skin off my nose. I could care less. Don't tread on me. etc. etc. etc.
  3. Wow, what an offensive article. On closer obserbvation, i see that it was written in 1892!
  4. I'm seriously considering this. Since I can't leave until that Saturday afternoon, it would involve a drive from south of Los Angeles to San Francisco for a 2 hour workshop, and a return for work on Monday morning. I'll have to see what else comes up this week before i make a decision.
  5. Dave, It was almost imposible to tell whether the temperment was equal or not, as I was unable to find a scale. The Eb note that I found seemed to match my piano, so I think it's tuned to A440. When the reeds are moved back to their correct places, my best guess is that it will be a Bb/F tuned to A440. After restoration this one is sure to become somebody's darling!
  6. Gary brought his Jeffries over to my house tonight. I'm not going to claim to be an expert, but I've played about a dozen Jeffries anglos and this one is the real deal. It seems to be a Bb/F but the reeds are scattered around so that I couldn't find a scale. On each side, some of the high buttons have low notes and some of the low have high notes. A few buttons don't sound. I was unwilling to open it up. The bellows are original and they are fantastic. The soft leather pulls and pushes better than any I've ever played - just amazing quality. And the bellows papers are right too, beautiful detail with some even wear and, well, grime on them. The instrument is quite leaky, but it is probably from multiple places like valves and dried out gaskets. The tone wasn't the Jeffries "honk" I was expecting, but it does sound like steel reeds and brass shoes. The metal buttons are small and the action could be very fast. I was disconcerted by not being able to play a tune on it! The case is smooth dark leather, and seems to be the same age as the instrument. I'd say this is the real thing, and it was a joy to examine it and play it, to the extent that it let me! Gary, I enjoyed meeting you and your wife. Congratulations on your good fortune, there are many folks who would consider this their "grail." Ken
  7. Gary, I live very near you and would be happy to look at it. I'll send contact info in a private post. Ken
  8. Sure, I'll take a turn. I belive the Rochelle to be far superior to the Hohner. I haven't seen a metal ended Hohner, though. I've played several Rochelles and several Hohners, and the Rochelles were all better instruments than the Hohners. All were 30 key C/G's. Resale value of the Rochelles seems to remain close to the original price.
  9. OK then, if Michael's coming to the Old Dub this weekend, I'll come too!
  10. Maki, I've sent you a Private Message. Ken
  11. Vielen Dank, Mark. Picture (abbildung) #5 is a great closeup of a well filed reed tip!
  12. Please let it be Johnny Depp! And have Robert De Niro play his father.
  13. Yes, I have this too and it contradicts my self image of being a "bad boy." What will it take to tarnish my new halo? If you'd like, I can hit the "Report" link at the bottom of your last post and flag it as "inappropriate." Will that help? Do it! %*!#$ (obscene word implied)
  14. Yes, I have this too and it contradicts my self image of being a "bad boy." What will it take to tarnish my new halo?
  15. Last year I attended this festival and had a great time there. I made a bunch of new friends and learned quite a bit. I've waited all year to hear the call for this festival, and I wouldn't miss it for the world! We had some beginners and some world class players. As Gary said, there are all kinds of concertinas there, and surprisingly, some of the attendees can play all of them! The weather in East Texas was delightful last March. I never needed my jacket. There's also Texas barbequeue in the area, and fantastic Mexican food. Also, after trying the chicken-fried steak there, I believe I've worked my way up to being ready to try chicken-fried chicken this time! Ken
  16. Your latkes were blazing? That's unfortunate. Did you use too much oil? Randy refers here to the Old Testament hymn, "By The Light of Blazing Latkes."
  17. World peace, and a set of Jeffries anglos in C/G and F/Bb. Make that "and/or"
  18. Early this year I had contacted Bob Tedrow about ordering his 'old-time dandy' model. He wasn't enthusiastic about making one for me and suggested another of his models that is more rectangular. As I pondered this, the square Herrington became available and I grabbed it.
  19. With all respect to Ben, as the seller, may I ask the board community to comment on the comparative quality of these 1957-era Wheatstone 40 button anglos? Is this the anglo of my dreams, or was this era after their 'golden age?' References to any other writings on the subject would also be welcomed!
  20. As in, "I've had an elegant sufficiency. Any more would be superfluous." Right? Let me second Andy's remark: Tom, the examples of your playing were great!
  21. Wally, I'll send you the Cliff's Notes. You've got about another 60 concertinas to finish before you get to mine!
  22. Only 6 bolts on my 12 sided edeophone! Perhaps, but this picture shows 12 bolt holes, one in the center of each edge. I don't think Chris has ignored or is disputing the number of bolts on Bob's instrument, merely stating that their own Edeophone has the customary 6. My 16 sider Crane Duet, below, only has 8. Anyway, nice one Bob. Look forward to further pictures as work progresses. Geoffrey 16 sides! Blast, I am undone. Say not so!! Your creation is beautiful and I eagerly await upcoming pictures of your progress
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