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  1. First of all, I'd like to thank Greg Jowaisas for spending quite a bit of time over the phone guiding me through taking my Jeffries apart to get a better idea of the condition and to solve the key/tuning issue Ken described above. Come to find out, it's tuned to Bb/F and the left side was 180 degrees out of normal alignment which is why Ken had a hard time (impossible time) playing it. Obviously my great grandfather had some work done but never got the chance to play it afterwards. As I've said before, this is all very foreign to me so Greg can correct me if I've mis-stated anything here. Thanks again Greg and Ken for all your help. Gary
  2. Ken, Thank you so much for taking the time to inspect my Jeffries. It was very helpful to sit and talk to somebody that knows what they are doing and actually plays. We very much enjoyed talking to you and witnessing the passion you have for concertinas and music in general. Gary
  3. Thank you both Dave, Wes and the others that have taken the time to respond and provide me with valuable information. I will definitely take your advise and insure it and have already called the button box. They were also helpful. The next step is figuring out what condition it is in and deciding whether or not to restore it or sell it as is. Gary
  4. Jim, It actually has 32 keys, one on each side that's separate from the others. Also, it plays a different tone on push and pull. I'm in Orange County, CA. which is in between Los Angeles and San Diego. Gary
  5. Regarding fake knockoffs, do you think fakes were made 100 years or so ago? It's been in the family that long, at my mother's house in a closet for at least 70 years. Gary
  6. I just inherited a C. Jeffries concertina which was originally purchased by my great grandfather. After doing a little bit of research, I realize that this is one of the higher end, more desirable ones but that's where my knowledge ends. It's in it's original state, not restored and is stored in its original leather case. It does show some signs of wear but not bad at all for something that's probably 100 years old or so. It still plays and all the keys seem to work. I know photos will help with the answer to this question, but in general, is it worth it to have it restored before trying to sell it, or should I attempt it as is? What's the value (ballpark) for it restored, or in it's current condition? Thanks in advance for your advice, Gary
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