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  1. I also have three good vintage resonator tenor banjos to trade: 19-fret branded Gretsch Blue Banner; 1920s 17-fret Bacon style C; 19-fret MIJ Aria "masterclone" BTW, with several TB hardshell cases and a couple of high-quality gigbags--Reunion Blues, Blue Heron, etc
  2. For many of the reasons mentioned above, EC is close to be the "perfect" instrument. Unfortunately for me, having grown up with piano keyboards, woodwinds, and strings--where adjacent notes are immediately, well, adjacent!--I could not fully adjust to the alternating hands layout of EC. I love EC, and SO wanted to make it my primary...but I started on anglo, and along with those other instruments where chromatic scales are adjacent--I'm accustomed to having the notes always right where they are "felt" to be--rather than on alternating hands. And so, I'm left with arranging for anglo, but I play a bunch of other stuff--so I'm not needing my free-reeds to be chromatic. I usually play repertoire that I formerly played on EC--on flute or other woddwinds
  3. catty


    I like to learn my rags from the original piano rolls too. Likewise, this is the best
  4. catty


    ...I found I had to adapt... The only instrument for which I didn't adapt written arrangements of the Gnossiennes and Gymns was piano (I arranged adaptations for guitar, melodeons, anglo concertina). Arranging is half the fun
  5. catty


    Why the opportunity to render on concertina is so effective
  6. catty


    Haven't figured that out yet...sorry I wasn't even able to figure out how to run my OLD computer's recording program...I can't even edit photos on this one! Still, I'd be surprised if no one else is playing these...I'm sure someone (with more tech wherewithal than me) will provide us with a nice anglo-cized recording I learned it from this: nice and easy to play on the C/G 30b...although it would be especially nice to have more bass notes for a piece like this, etc...one of the challenges (and fun) of arranging for concertina
  7. catty


    I didn't see anything on youtube (for concertina) I played the more popular Gymnopadies and Gnossiennes on guitar for 20 years or more--although these are quite popular arranged for guitar, the Gnossienne (No 1, particulalry) leaves something to be desired on guitar. So I learned to play them on piano (which is of course best). Currently I play them on melodeon...but the Gnossienne No 3--I was unable (so far) to arrange on melodeon, so I put it on the anglo c.--on which I was surprsed how particularly well it does
  8. catty


    I didn't have much success arranging Gnossienne No 3 for melodeon, but it sounds great on anglo c. Anyone playing these tunes on anglo? I didn't see anything on youtube
  9. Both boxes are older German, excellent condition. Both have one note that needs a tweak--but neither needs tuning. Pokerwork has not been felted. Also have some very nice piano accordians.. Seeking stagi/bastari anglo concertina (30-button) USA
  10. I haven't seen that. But I HAVE seen the giant concertina-playing troll on "Power Rangers" Not to be missed, really
  11. I've managed to arrange on DBA most of the music I liked to play on PA -- Satie, French tunes... -- so I can manage without CBA at this point, but...there are of course some musics that sound "best" on certain instruments: fiddle for fiddle tunes; harp for harp tunes; etc. I have not found a suitable way to play zydeco and a big, polyphonic instrumental approach to blues--than with PA
  12. Some of my most likely accomplices: http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/album.php?albumid=1289
  13. It's such an elegant size for a fully chromatic instrument--on which we can play such a wide variety of music. I always say that my "desert island three" instruments are fiddle, concertina and flute I always wanted to play CBA for the same reasons--always wanted just "one" instrument on which I could do it all...actually struggled with PA for a while to this end Alas, it's anglo and melodeon for me though - I spent years going round and round with which instruments to play....so many choices, and compromises...this is how I arrived at my "Desert Island 3"
  14. I began with anglo, and then went to EC. I subsequently dropped EC after a few years--even though I love it and feel it's really the "perfect" instrument--and went back to anglo because playing melodeon and EC was too "cross"-intuitive for me. Melodeon and anglo, OTOH, I find complement each other easily and my intuition on both seems to be about equal--I find adjusting between the two very easy. I play loads of different instruments
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