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  1. Ok, I have sorted out the sticking notes so here is the scale compared to my Steinway Grand. Left side with serial number. First row on left starting nearest strap. D2, A2, E2, B3 Second. C2, g#2, D# 3, A#3 Third row E2, D2, A#2, F2, Middle C4, Fourth G2, F2, C2, F2, C#5. Fifth F#2, C#4, G#4 Sixth row B2, D4, G4, A5 Right side with label and air button. First row on left D4, A5, E5, B6, G5 Second row C#3, G#3, D#, 5, A#6, F6. Third row E4, D#4, A#5, F5, C6, F#6 Fourth row G4, F4, BB5?, F#5, C#6, G#7 Fifth row, F#3, C#5, G#5, D#6, ?, Sixth row, B5, D5, G5, A6?, E6. The numbers refer to the octaves but are subject to some revision I am sure. Most notes work well in and out, a few have a squeak one way.
  2. I will have a stall (D278) at Newark international Antiques fair this Thursday and will have it with me. If anyone wants to inspect it, they are most welcome. Brian
  3. Yes, there are several stuck notes on one end. I have now had an offer but I would much prefer the person comes and inspects it personally.
  4. Ok, I give up. I assumed my beautiful Wheatstone was worth about £1200 but it's not sold. What price would I have to ask to sell it? Any suggestions would be helpful. Brian Call 07784 713 866
  5. I have reduced the price for any offers around £1000. Kevin http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antique-Wheatstone-57-button-McCann-Duet-concertina-/391264897104?hash=item5b19348850
  6. There are several buttons stuck down on one end. I am worried about damaging something if I start messing about inside. I will see what I can do over the next day or so.
  7. I have for sale an unrestored concertina by Wheatstone with 57 metal buttons plus air button. It is a McCann duet. Located near Preston (FY8 3JD) it will need a full overhaul. The ends are raised ebony and there are no cracks to the fretwork. Looking for an offer around £1200. I prefer the buyer to come and inspect. Call Kevin on 07784 713 866
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