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  1. Is the correct serial number 31734, as 31374 is not a model 21. Doesn't matter I suppose but I was just looking for some reassurance that I'm not losing it quite yet.
  2. I've added some pics in my Google drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13VDBDQE8V2JFahe1dz0XtITAfQIKPPMU?usp=sharing . I believe that the serial number reads F0675 (?) There's no moss in or on it - I suspect it was flash from the seller's camera. It measures 7.5 inches across - the same as the F Tenor new model I previously owned so this possibly was a new model just with different or replacement ends. As first glance appears a basic overhaul of new pads, valves, bellows rebind, a little tuning, and sorting or replacing a few worn buttons. No structural issues and the steel reeds are in great condition.
  3. It actually took the seller two weeks to send it and only after I had raised a case (and even received a refund) so I was starting to wish I had followed my instinct but I was hoping that it might have been a bass. As it stands I'm very happy that it's an F tenor as it has a lovely tone. Watch this space for some pics and (possibly) a wee video link if I feel confident enough. My concertina playing has been very limited over recent times though this might be the one to get me back into it.
  4. For those that are still following this....I bought the Lachenal. It is in fact an F Tenor and it's actually in a fairly good playable condition despite the looks. The inside of the case has a sticker saying 'Doncaster Salvation Army', so 10/10 for that observation. I'll try and post some pics when I get chance.
  5. Je crois qu'il a vendu l'article via ebay.
  6. This could be really useful for someone if they need a left ebony end for a 64 button extended treble Aeola and/ or a case which fits it perfectly. The serial number is 35174 - a Model 18B sold in 1939. I have no idea where the rest of it is. I just have the end - i.e. - the ebony end plus 32 buttons, action box and the leather case. All buttons work well(!). The case looks like it was made for it as it is a perfect fit. (The concertina is 7.5 inches across). I'm tempted to frame the end and put it on my wall but it would be a terrible shame to do so if someone has a desperate need for it - so here's your chance. If I get a reasonable offer then it's not going to end up on my wall. To be honest I've no idea of the value - it's not something you see every day!
  7. Doubt you'll ever see another.
  8. I noticed that the auction house changed the description before the auction started to confirm that it was in fact an extended treble. Hope the buyer noticed the change.
  9. Model 24 (Boyd) according to Ledgers - therefore 56 key extended treble with raised metal ends. http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD01/PAGES/D1P0750S.HTM
  10. I saw it posted on ebay and suggested to seller that it's an Inimitable but I've had no response.
  11. The seller has listed as only posting to UK so I assume this prevents searches outside the UK.
  12. I owned one of these and sold it on a couple of years ago. 35 button from memory. It had been restored by David Robertson. It looked and played like new. I'll ask the current owner if he is interested in selling.
  13. From your description it sounds like it's a Treble.
  14. That might be a Morse Albion, as the Geordie has 45 buttons. I've tried some of these, and I found them to be fast and responsive with a lovely tone.
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