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  1. It's just arrived. It's absolutely tiny. I've attached a photograph comparing to a standard unrestored Lachenal C/G Anglo for comparison. It has a double guided rivet style action and steel reeds. It's not playable at the moment and I won't get chance to check the tunings for a few weeks or so. I'll try and post some more details and pics as soon as I get chance.
  2. I'll let you know when I get it.... The nearest I could find was
  3. The Facebook group is marked private for data protection purposes and to limit the risk of fraud/ spam. It is monitored by me and some others (additional Admins/ Moderators welcomed), and whilst it does get the occasional spam post, they are quickly removed (and the contributor removed from the group). It's not intended to replace or compete with any other forums or groups and it is free. It currently has 3,500 members. I am inclined to agree that many Facebook Groups are not well administered or monitored, but that is not the case for this group.
  4. Rikki


    Sorry this sold via Facebook. Regards.
  5. Hi William. I'm based in Scotland and it looks like you're not in the UK so I wouldn't have any idea where best to source one. I believe that Concertina Connection have a trade-in program on Jack Concertinas which may suit you if you think you may wish to upgrade. My own experience of Stagi is not good and I believe that the quality can vary considerably.
  6. Yes it definitely felt a little heavier than the norm and could perhaps benefit from a little milling/ thinning. I still can't believe that it was sold as silver painted mahogany ends. Well - that's Ebay for you!
  7. Purely to test out whether it suits your singing you could think about getting a Jack Baritone Concertina. They sometimes come up second hand for around £200 and are around £450 new. Otherwise you are probably looking at £1,500 plus for a playable Wheatstone. The Jack might be a sensible option to see if your voice suits it/ can carry over the concertina.
  8. Here's something I've never seen before - someone has replaced the ends of a Lachenal Anglo with some made of cast aluminium. Whilst on the face of it it might perhaps have seemed a good solution if the existing ends were damaged - it has made it feel a little heavier.
  9. I would say that the Boyd and the Edeophone are tenor-trebles based on the location of the lower buttons relative to the thumb strap.
  10. This shows the minor damage to the end underneath the thumb strap. It looks like someone has had a bit of a go with a soldering iron before though I'm sure a much better job could be done with relatively little effort.
  11. Yes - here's a photo showing how the air pad sits inside the others.
  12. I have for sale a Lachenal New Model English Concertina that goes down to note C3 on the right and D3 on the left. The serial number is 45250. It has raised metal ends and there is some damage to the right end under the thumb rest which has an old repair. It measures 6.75 inches across and I've included a photograph of my new model 56 button extended treble purely for size comparison purposes. My extended treble is not included in the sale! The reeds are all steel and are in a good condition - though they will of course need to be tuned. It will require a full restoration including end repair, new valves, pads, thumb straps, bellows rebind, reed tuning etc to make playable. Collection from Glasgow or can post at buyer's cost subject to cleared funds.
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