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  1. I like your graphs! If you end up going the small free bass chromatic button accordion route, there are a few prominent options: cheap Russian children's instrument, expensive Italian children's instrument, very expensive custom Swiss instrument.
  2. This site gives off strong scam vibes to me. I wouldn't buy anything there. Reverse image searches on the concertinas listed there all bring up unrelated listings elsewhere.
  3. Not to toot my own horn (vibrate my own reed?) here, but I am pretty satisfied with my fix to this issue:
  4. Hi folks, I've just finished a series of Skype anglo concertina lessons with Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne. Contacting Cohen through his website was very easy, and he was very quick and professional in his replies not only to my initial contact with him, but also when I had to reschedule a meeting or two. He did a great job of assessing my skill level (very beginner) and my goals (coordinating hands and bellows) and picked instructional pieces and lesson pacing accordingly. During meetings, he was patient, observant, and insightful. I feel much more confident in my playing thanks to Cohen's guidance and would heartily recommend him as a teacher. Zach
  5. You might check out the organizations listed here: https://concertinamusic.com/concertina-clubs/. The US midwest has a lot of folks who play chemnitzer. Here is a company that does repairs http://eagconmfg.com/services.html.
  6. I let this sit in my brain for a few days and decided I didn't want to add grease to my instrument either. I took inspiration from the well known Bastari fix for loose buttons: silicone tubing. I got some 2.5mm ID, 4mm OD clear silicone tubing and slipped it over the left hand side buttons, then pierced through it a few times with a needle to allow the button to slide back over the rod. I've been playing it with this change for a few days and have not had a single buzz. The buttons are much more stable in their orientation, which in my case means they are not all perfectly perpendicular to the end surface, but it makes no difference to me. I also bought 3mm ID tubing in case the 2.5mm was too small. The metal bar part of the button is about 4mm wide, but that seems to be just within the stretch range of the 2.5mm tubing. I'll update here if I ever notice any degradation of my fix. Rochelle Buzzing Before.mp3 Rochelle Buzzing After.mp3
  7. Jim, I had considered that and tried taking the other end off, but I could not get it to budge after taking out the end screws. I decided not to push my luck when I didn't have a pressing need to get to that side.
  8. Thanks Don, it was in fact leakage through those holes. I was able to temporarily fix it with some thin tape. I was also able to grab some excess wax from elsewhere and put it where I needed with an old soldering iron. I guess all that's left is to find some grease and email Wim about what size screws I would need to put there. All of this should help make playing a little more enjoyable while I figure out if it is worth investing in an upgrade.
  9. Ah, I hadn't considered the button-lever interface as a source of buzzing, but that makes sense. I checked the end, and there are 3 corresponding holes that would match those I've already found. At least one of them passes enough light to suggest it could pass air as well. I will, after putting this end back on, have to check the right hand side to see if there are intact screws over there. I might try some electrical tape as a temporary fix to see if they are worth plugging if reflowing the wax near the reed doesn't alleviate the problem.
  10. Hi folks, I recently acquired a used Rochelle, and I have noticed a few issues with the left hand side. One is that most of my left-hand keys produce a faint buzzing on both push and pull. I am not sure what is causing that, but the waxed in reeds make it a bit hard to investigate for me. The other, which I think is unrelated, is that air is audibly leaking through somewhere on that side and stealing my bellows travel. It is most noticeable when I extend the bellows and let it sit, as well as when I play higher notes on the right hand. I don't suspect it is a bad pad, as I don't hear any notes sounding when it happens, though I suppose it could be low enough airflow to not engage a reed. In taking the end apart, I noticed a few things that I've highlighted in the two pictures I've attached. On the key side, I can see 3 small holes at 3 corners of the hexagon that have clearly deliberately been put there. On the opposite side, they are nearly covered by the black gasket material, but I suspect air could be getting through at least one of them. I'm not sure what purpose they serve(d), so before I try to fill them in, I would like some opinions on their purpose. The other picture shows some of the accordion wax has fallen off one corner of a reed block. I don't know to what effect that could have, but I thought it would be good to cover my bases. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Speaking of 39 button Chemnitzers, I came across this odd thing on Facebook marketplace: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1069769106872548 I've also pulled links to the pictures used in the listings here, here, and here. It differs most obviously in the button distribution, with 19 and 20 per side rather than 16 and 23. I've messaged the owner, and she seems to have no idea of the provenance. Anyone familiar with this particular variant? Zach
  12. As has become habit of late, I was reading about concertina history to relax before bed, and a series of links brought me to Concertina Connection's site, where something caught my eye: http://www.concertinaconnection.com/rochelle-2 anglo.htm Looks like a smaller Rochelle with a flat mounted reed pan. Glad to see something more in line with their other hybrid designs for not much more money than the original Rochelle. Zach
  13. Man, what a tough thing to try to search for on this forum: a four word named instrument where three of the words are probably the most commonly used three words on the forum. Using google, I was able to find this thread wherein 2 members offer their opinions on the "Vintage": Other searches about the Clare don't produce much of benefit, and those for Sean Garvey seem focused on models of his from a decade ago. Gregor Markič is a frequent contributor on here who recently got a Clare after starting on McNeela concertinas, if I recall correctly. He may be able to offer opinions on that model. This post is as much for my own desire to collate info on these models as for anything else, as silbersee made their decision several hours ago (after I had found that old thread, but before I logged in to post again). Zach
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