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North America Repairs

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I have always taken comfort in having a concertina shop available in Sunderland, MA should I need help.  Someone here mentioned that Bob Snope may stop, though I have not had this confirmed.  I think I know who the new instrument makers are on this continent, but not the experts/shops who will help with repairs.  Please identify our options for getting help on any maker's concertina for a "tune-up" in North America.

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Bob Snope told me he will temporarily be closing up at the end of May (I think) as he will be moving south. It may take a little while he finds a appropriate home and work environment, but from what it sounded like he'll be back up and running once the living situation is sorted. But yes, he will be pausing work for some period of time

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Concertina.net's member Paul Read in Toronto also repairs and sell concertinas. I emailed him recently and he IS still selling and repairing.

Here's a snippet from a cnet post he did in 2004:


"I've been repairing, restoring and tuning some concertinas. Mostly on instruments I own and sell. I'm only doing a few instruments at present but people seem happy with the work so I thought it was time to let people know I'm there." -Paul Read

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