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Middle and higher notes are much quieter than bass notes

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I recently acquired a lovely 1938 tenor treble Wheatstone aeola and notice that the middle and higher notes sound much quieter than the bass notes when compared to my 1928 Wheatstone treble aeola

Is this usual or could there be an issue involving the valves or reeds?

there are no baffles fitted.

Many  thanks


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If  the  bass notes and the  very  highest  notes are ok   this would  suggest  warped  reed pans  or  pallet boards, causing  leaks  around  the  reed  chambers.  Air leaks  due to  loose  fitting   reed pans  or  loose height blocks  in the  bellows  will give  the  symptoms   you  describe.     

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Completely agree with Geoff’s suggestions. Loose reed pan supports tends to be more common than warped parts, and is more straightforward to fix.


if you bought it from a shop or dealer you should start by taking it back and asking them to put it right.

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