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Almost Went Over To The Dark Side...

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Maw! Take that jug a' corn licker by the bed an' pour er' out. It's gone off sure 'nuff. One swig, an' I can't make head ner' tails a this here writin' on dis' dad burn 'puter anyhow. Jeezum Crow!


I'll grab me that bonded licker an' see does it clear my mind up a bit. :P

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Forget the hedgerow...I want a shovel! :ph34r:


You obviously don't know me very well....if I get really wound up, you're going to need a bomb shelter, six months rations, and a running start! Once a myopic nun at the Catholic college I attended squinted at me as I stood in front of a sunny window and sighed deeply. I asked her what she was sighing about, and she replied,"Because it's the last time I'll ever see you with a halo." I once proclaimed to a priest teaching science that "People like you will be first against the wall when the Revolution comes." My wife tells my that I have the "E" ticket to Hell: no lines, no waiting and all the rides! :rolleyes:

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For the sake of the Attention Deficiet I'll try and sedgeway this conversation back to the original topic:


The only thing more dangerous than handling snakes is buying cheap, flea market concertinas (unless they are stamped "C. Jeffries (on the right hand side.  Right,

Dave prebble?))


Even then it can be dangerous. Just because it is a Jeffries or a Wheatstone or

Crabb or whatever it doesn't mean it can ever be made playable again.

The pope says save your money and buy a nice concertina.

Get a good one and you'll never regret it!  (I said that!)


Once you buy an Anglo forever will it dominate your destiny :)


I'll light a candle for all the English majors.



I will light a candle for all the English players :).




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