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  1. some of you might find this interesting. http://www.ep.tc/intunewithfun/ Incidentally I have just started to play a computer game called Broken Sword which starts off with an exploding accordion - except its not, its clearly a concertina!! Mark
  2. Did anyone else notice the link to Rolf Harris and his burning accordion on the right of the BBC page?
  3. Man goes into a music shop and says the shop assistant 'I want to buy a squeeze box, but I don't know much about them.' The assistant says 'Certainly,sir. If you would care to look over there we have a whole wall of accordions and concertinas you can look at.' The man looks at the display and says 'I want the big green one on the bottom.' The assistant replies 'That's a radiator, sir.'
  4. did you know that CW was an occasional contributor to Stovold's Mornington Crescent Almanac?
  5. In that case I invoke the 1927 Heisenberg Uncertainty Clause and go to 'Maida Vale'.
  6. I've just come across this link "http://vintage-reprints.com/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=concertina" and thought it might be of interest. This is the site's home page "http://vintage-reprints.com/catalog/index.php".
  7. I always thought it was Westminster MM in the St Trinian's film. I'm sure I remember their portcullis badges
  8. Did Saddleworth this year with Rumford MM. I took turns helping to pull the cart and playing melodeon in the band. There are occasions when you have to pull (or push if you are the other end) at the run to get started up some of the hills. I found that you can't hear the boxes when you are pulling the cart, only the drums. Even playing in the band I felt overwhelmed by the drums and didn't always pick up a change of tune. Nevertheless it is an interesting experience and well worth attending either as participant or audience. BTW the 'Nutters have two English concertina players
  9. In London they are called something unrepeatable. Mark
  10. On Classic FM this Sunday David Mellor played a guitar and bandoneon track and described the bandoneon as a 'type of piano accordion'.
  11. I have just come across a site containing a large number of circus posters, www.circusmuseum.nl. If you select the 'music' posters and go to page 4 you can find a poster of the Asana Concertina Students. Time (and patience) prevented me from going much beyond page 6 (out of 33) so there might be other concertina related posters.
  12. Ah yes, indeed the 'pooper-scooper' requirement is active in the UK too (one of the reasons I don't own a dog!). The song, however, is one of love found and lost and is not about the rights and wrongs of doggy doings.
  13. I've also heard a version (probably not by F and S) called the Doggy, Doggy, Doo. It's definitely not political either.
  14. That may be because the instrument you hear is a melodeon (an Erica)
  15. Sorry I can't, the gas man cometh on a big red London bus.
  16. Wot, not even a lady godiva for some muvver's ruin?!
  17. In that case I'm orff dahn the frog for a pig's in the rubba.
  18. Stone me guv'nor. We started orff 'earin about some cove 'oo wanted to drop a few nicker on a dodgy box but risked a kick up the 'arris from the trouble and strife and now its gorn all forren.
  19. The very first tune I learnt on a concertina was 'Young Collins' on a nearly unplayable cheap chinese job. The first tune on my English was (probably) Jamie Allen as I learnt from Alistair Anderson's tutor. The first convincing melodeon tune was 'Willow Tree' (version as per Morris On)
  20. According to the guy who helped make the video the instrument being played is an Erica melodeon and the sound of the dancing is the same guy dancing around in a sound studio. (From the Morris Dance Discussion List)
  21. I'm not looking to reignite the 'I saw a concertina in film X' discussion, which has reared its head a few times in the past, but this thread prompted me to mention this. I was watching a short bit of 'Pennies from Heaven' (Steve Martin - 1981). This section happened to be in a music shop. In one or two shots there was a concertina on the shop counter. The reason I mention this particularly is it was an English. All the other concertinas that I have seen Hollywood actors pretend to play have been cheap looking German boxes. Although this wasn't played and was just a prop, it looked to be a reasonable quality, wooden ended, 48 button job.
  22. Could this be an opening for concertina players who want to enjoy sun, sand and squeezing? (6th paragraph) Not sure about the saw, though - maybe that's in case someone brings an accordion! http://www.thenassauguardian.com/social_co...40915068938.php Mark
  23. A 'Google alert' came up with this review. http://www.miaminewtimes.com/issues/2005-0...calheroes4.html What do C-netters think of being 'antiquated'? Mark
  24. I've just come across this link to a Japanese site on melodeon.net http://www.geocities.co.jp/Hollywood-Stage/8883/index.html It is mainly melodeons but has a few concertinas here and there.
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