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Almost Went Over To The Dark Side...

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I was at the Springfield ,OH flea market this weekend and nearly succumbed to an old 20b Bastari Anglo in rough shape. The seller wanted $75, but was willing to haggle a little. I had a go on it, and discovered holes in the bellow, and 2buttons that made no noise at all (broken valve?)...so I passed. Also, my wife would have killed me....I did pick up a couple concertina figurines, however. I'll post pix as soon as I can!




PS- what do the experts here think would have been a good price? What do you think the repairs would have run me? (I appreciate the info!)

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Gregg, at $20 it would be like waddin' up ole' Jackson an chuckin' him down a one hole outhouse. Misery an' frustration is all that awaits you down that road.


If you want to flirt with the dark side it'll cost a few more bob than that. Abide, and this dalliance with occult will pass. I'll light a $3.00 lampion for ye on the way home from work. :ph34r:

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Abide, and this dalliance with occult will pass. I'll light a $3.00 lampion for ye on the way home from work.


Can someoneof my socio-economic background please translate this? Apparently the head of medieval studies died and left Mark here his vocabulary....


And as for my socio-economic background....blue-collar, union, and so poor that they couldn't afford that extra "g" Mark likes to hang at the end of my name... :)

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Sorry Greg, the spelling is noted.


Translation: I'm sho' nuff' hopeful you'll swear off'n them thar anglo boxes. Bein' in league with ole' nick, they will surely lead you astray and cast you from the light (english system).


I'm still gonna light that $3.00 dollar candle.


My mother's people considered themselves aristocrates <_< , but most of dad's tribe were unadulterated Peckerwood stock from North Florida.


I hope the medival cat in the history department didn't wake up this morning on the wrong side o' the sod...he's the only one who can understand me most days!

Edited by Mark Evans
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We'uns is sho'nuff thankful for yo' kindly hep. Is ya'll Cath-o-lik? My people don't burn no candles at church, but we does handles snakes....



As for the spelling, well I've been called worse.




And, for the record I majored in English and theology....and I've NEVER heard of a 'Lampion"!

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Ai-yee Greg! I was unwittingly using the Quebecois term for the big 3 buck candle when you really need to pray for someone's soul :P . Your dear wife will know.


Yup, Cath-o-lik! Me darlin' kinda put her foot down. She didn't hold wid me Druid tendency or the fact that my boy Claude announced at 7 years old he had become a follower of Ra. Didn't take though, the kids and I have since slipped back to our heathen ways :( .




Snake handlin'....very interesting :unsure:

Edited by Mark Evans
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I quite literally am related (by the marriage of my aunt only!) to a black, blind "snake Baptist" minister...


I was raised Methodist, married a Catholic, and wrote my thesis on Taoism.....


Ponder this Grasshopper...


If a felon commits felony....

and an adulterer commits adultery....


does that make God an iron?

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For the sake of the Attention Deficiet I'll try and sedgeway this conversation back to the original topic:


The only thing more dangerous than handling snakes is buying cheap, flea market concertinas (unless they are stamped "C. Jeffries (on the right hand side. Right,

Dave prebble?))


The pope says save your money and buy a nice concertina.

Get a good one and you'll never regret it! (I said that!)


I'll light a candle for all the English majors.


Kind regards,


Greg J

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Stone me guv'nor. We started orff 'earin about some cove 'oo wanted to drop a few nicker on a dodgy box but risked a kick up the 'arris from the trouble and strife and now its gorn all forren.

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