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  1. Seconded and thirded from me! I had the best time and learned a great deal from everyone. It was good that everyone had something to offer. Chris, what kept you? I was in my local just north of Birmingham at 10:30! (and a lovely pint it was too!) Many thanks, Samantha (and Dave) for the effort you put in and the hospitality on Sunday night/Monday morning. Did anyone on Arran find out about my sleeping arrangements? Derek
  2. I'm sure it was meant to say "Arran and concertina's owners" but there wasn't enough room. But then again if that was the case it would have been concertinas', assuming there will be more than one of them! Derek
  3. I'll try to move to that ferry too, then. I have a four or five hour drive off the other side, so I'll be home for an early doors pint before bed and work ( ) on Tuesday Derek
  4. OK - we know the ferry a lot of us are catching on the Friday, what about the ferry back? I've provisionally booked one back Monday lunchtime but I don't know ...... Derek
  5. I can't see on the website, How much does it cost? Mercenary Derek
  6. Oh I get it now! I always thought you were and Air conditioning engineer! Derek
  7. All that cheap fuel and no Ashes to soak it up with! Derek
  8. Oooohhhh! I was going to say something about a cheap shot! but I just paid 98.9 pence a litre for Derv! (nothing cheap about that!) Derek
  9. Hey Morgana With less than 5 weeks to Arran, you and Martin ought to be thinking about starting off! Its a long way and THEN you have to get used to being the right way up! Derek
  10. Derek (after making everyone in the office look at me!)
  11. The only sinking would be into the depths of despair on discovering the lack of moolah under the boards..... Derek
  12. What i mean (I think) is the distinction between opening it up unnecessarily, i.e. out of curiosity or somesuch, rather than because it won't play. Derek
  13. Is this the difference between people who play the concertina and concertinists? I would not have dreamt of taking the thing to bits to "have a look" I suppose a concertinist is interested in the whole thing. Does look great though! Derek
  14. I'm sure I will have something in common with the rest! (with luck and a following wind! )
  15. Actually he is a lot biased, and also very good. Derek
  16. My ex Morris side (Victory Morrismen) had just begun the process of organising a tour to New Orleans, our thoughts are with everyone there and hope that one day we will indeed visit. Derek
  17. Houston we have a problem, I don't sight read and I have no sound card in my PC.... Derek
  18. You want to be talking to Calmac about coming over on the morning ferry for the trip back! Derek
  19. You very well could be! I just booked the 1230 ferry too! I finally convince myself that it had got to be done. I just hope that I can pick up some tunes quickly as I don't go to sessions generally these days. I could be among the first in the queue as I will be setting off from the midlands on thursday evening. Any one needs a lift with stuff on the ferry? (taking car) See you all soon Derek
  20. Well Done Helen! Now the fun really begins ..... Derek
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