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Anglo playing guidance needed

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I am a great fan of the Online Academy of Irish Music for their systematic approach to learning all the detailed ornamentation to play Irish Trad.  Those skills would carry nicely into American fiddle tunes as well.  They build skills starting with very simple tunes and giving you the opportunity to read music and also learn to play by ear.  There are 4 extremely good teachers who build on each others teaching in the concertina courses.   It is about $20 a month, which may seem pricey, but you can take as many lessons a month as you have time for, cancel for a while and go back at it later.  A private teacher once a week would cost far more than that.  

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That is very reasonable actually, I'll certainly look into that! I've got quite a bit of time off work at once at the end of March/early April which would probably be productively spent woodshedding on the concertina and getting through a load of those lessons! A few years ago I got signed off for 2 weeks and used the time to learn clawhammer banjo...


The translation of the Irish style into American tunes is an interesting point too, I've noticed a lot of little runs/scales from the Irish tunes I've been learning from Mick Bramich's book appear in the fiddle tunes I've been trying to work out by ear, which has been a bit of a 'Eureka' moment and I'm finding American tunes are starting to fall quite easily to hand now. In fact, when I was at a session a couple of weeks ago me and a friend had a slightly drunken and slightly tongue-in-cheek discussion about how similar so many American fiddle tunes are (particularly how one B section can be substituted for another without anyone really noticing) and I'd wager this is true of a lot of Irish tunes too! Just a case of stringing the same sequences of notes together in a different order.

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On 1/2/2019 at 1:09 PM, Don Taylor said:

Ted (or anybody else who owns the book):


How Anglo-oriented is the  "American Fiddle Styles" book?


I am intrigued by the idea of American fiddle styles on the concertina but I play Hayden duet, not Anglo.




When Bertram did a workshop years ago based on the book, he announced it here and I asked if I should attend with a Hayden. Bertram didn’t answer (although he started the thread), and someone else (a Crane player) said he had learned a great deal, and I should go for it. So I went. Complete waste of time. Bertram insisted on lending me an anglo rather than have me work through it on a Hayden. What I learned was strictly anglo-oriented, and I haven’t picked up an anglo since.


Edited to add: I just reviewed the thread in question. It was 7 years ago. Sorry, Bertram DID answer. But his answer wasn’t much help (he didn’t say he’d rather lend me an anglo than let me do the workshop on a Hayden).

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