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  1. Hi Fane, I'm also a broke millennial anglo player who likes oldtime tunes! Nice to meet you! I play mostly Irish music but I love playing at oldtime jams too. Do you have a jam where you live? I feel like I got most of my tunes and oldtime tune "sense" from jamming with fiddle/banjo players but obviously this is not workable if you don't have other oldtime players in your area. I'm not a music reader so unfortunately I don't have any book suggestions of my own but lots of people I have talked with love the Gary Coover books. Do you like learning by ear too or would you pr
  2. I got an anglo concertina endplate done over the summer to cover up a scar - Skyler at Gully Cat Tattoos in Austin TX gets any creativity points I earned since he did the (amazing I might add) design for me!
  3. Ok y'all those pictures came out HUGE and fuzzy! ?If they aren't working for you let me know and I'll try again!
  4. Hey Christine, Late to the party on this one but adding my two cents just in case anyone is still dealing with this. I have delrin buttons and also tiny hands so I find myself slipping off the buttons especially on my pinky finger if I am not careful. What has helped me is to concentrate on where my fingers fall on the buttons to slightly increase the amount of skin touching the button for more gripping power. I have received the good advice to play on my fingertips for speed and accuracy and this has helped me a lot. However, I stay on the buttons more easi
  5. Hi McDouglas, to answer your first question the workshops finish up in the late afternoon, around 4:00-4:30 if I remember correctly. To answer your second question, we accommodate all systems at Old Pal by focusing more on tunes and techniques that are relevant to the whole group vs. a specific system. We don't really get into in-depth fingering systems for example since that would tend to favor one group over the other, but we learn tunes all together and usually have some time where everyone can demonstrate something that they are learning/like to play and get a little individual
  6. If your New Year's resolution is to play more concertina... ...then join us for the concertina workshops at the Old Pal music festival in Palestine, TX! What: A music festival full of workshops, concerts, jamming, friendship and above all FUN! Who: We are excited to welcome Jody Kruskal back as our instructor this year! Jody specializes in old-time music and will be offering classes both at beginner and advanced levels, making this a great experience for concertinists of all levels. When: The festival will open with a concert on the evening of Thursday, March 22 and run all day Friday-Satu
  7. Hi Steve, Ah I hope you are able to come too someday! Where do you live in Australia? My parents took a cross-country trip there and loved it.
  8. Thanks Jody! I have met Jim at a concertina gathering here. I'll let him know that I'm planning to be there!
  9. Kind of late to the party on this one but I found this thread through another that just got posted. I had no intention of playing the concertina at all until about an hour before I rented my first one. One of my friends works in a music shop that had just started carrying Rochelle anglos. I walked in on some unrelated errand and saw one of them sitting on the counter. When I asked about it, she told me that it was her concertina and that she had started learning to play initially so that she could understand them better from a sales point of view but ended up completely loving the instrume
  10. Hi Shelly and Jody! Thanks so much for the information about Old Pal! I know several people who go every year and they love it. I definitely plan to attend this year! Jody, I read through the page but I wasn't sure who to email about registration. Do I talk to Dan Worrall or Jerry Wright? Thanks, ConcertinaFace
  11. Hi Maki! I play an Edgley C/G concertina, but when I was first starting I rented a Rochelle from a music shop here called Fiddler's Green. Fiddler's Green also has a Sunday session with slow tempos for beginners at the start. However, there is a pub session downtown at the same day and time and that is where I usually go for tunes. I was already there for sean nós dancing and I just decided to stay for the concertina! Plus, musicians get free pints, which is a pretty solid incentive for me to do a lot of things! I hope you are able to come down to Austin, there is so much to do and suc
  12. Hi everyone, I'm ConcertinaFace! I live in Austin, TX and I started playing the anglo concertina last March. So far my roommates don't mind! I play mostly Irish music but sometimes I play old-time music too, generally at the weekly sessions here. I am also a sean nós and flatfoot dancer and I can play about five chords on the mandolin if I remember them. There is a very dedicated trad scene in Austin so I have had lots of help from people suggesting recordings to listen to, teaching me tunes and jamming with me. I was also fortunate enough to go to the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat in
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