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  1. Good luck. I never had the patience to get skilled with the hand tool! Andy.
  2. Robin, those blades look exactly the same as the Tandy Leather Factory blades. As Geoff said, I don't believe there's a razor that had narrow blades like that (38mmx8mm) I don't use mine now. I took the plunge and bought a Scharf Fix skiver (£300) and it is the most amazing bit of kit. Entirely manual but such a nicely engineered instrument. Andrew
  3. Hi all, and thank you to Geoff for those kind words. I am indeed totally honest and a very genuine fellow (but then I would say that wouldn't I?) My apologies to anyone that was watching it when I so brutally and shamefully pulled it, and apologies to Mr JD Leedham in particular. No suspicious circumstances at all, I don't want to say much more for the moment because the eBay police are everywhere, suffice to say I am a happy man. It's a lovely instrument and I've grown rather fond of it! If only I had the sticking power to practice a bit more, but I've got way too many hobbies for one person. I've just completely dismantled a Canon EOS500D camera and installed a different filter for doing astrophotography of hydrogen alpha emission nebulae, and I don't even understand most of that yet! Next job is a McCann 55 button (sorry Geoff, metal ends) which needs pretty much everything. I might even learn to play it, it seems far more logical to me! Cheers.
  4. Hi all. I stand corrected, which is great! I've just phoned UPS and they will insure for 1% of the declared value, so that's £40 on a £4000 instrument. Sorry to Adrian for doubting you. I'll go and change the listing for my Jeffries now! Andrew
  5. Hi Geoff, as you know I've been involved with this recently. I have spent literally days on the web and phone and my findings are, for a parcel going from the UK to an overseas destination, the maximum any courier will insure for is £2500, that includes Fedex, UPS, DHL etc. It may be different if you have an account with them, this is just going direct or through one of the agents. Via ParcelForce it will cost £144, insured up to £2,000 Unless you have a regular account, no courier will insure £4,000 so anyone who says in their adverts "insured up to the full value" is lying or misguided. Most of the agents, like Parcel2Go and Interparcel will not insure over £1,000 and the general rate is 5% of the value + the carriage cost. I would love to be proved wrong but, as far as my research goes it is not possible to send a £4,000 instrument fully insured. Dont even think about insuring anything classed as an antique! Good luck though. Andrew
  6. Geoff, I haven't been around here for a while and was shocked and dismayed to hear your news. I wish you the most heartfelt good fortune with your recovery and a joyous Christmas. Although we've never met I appreciate your comments and opinions and have great respect for your depth of knowledge. Good luck mate. Andrew
  7. That's what I thought but eBay doesn't lie! I purposely played down the condition because I want happy customers but it is a nice instrument.
  8. If there's an alternative, I've never found it. However, for the cost of expenses, I'd be willing to hand-carry and deliver your Jeffries just about anywhere. On the serious side - is it possible (I've never investigated this option) to insure it through a regular insurance agency who's coverage would include transporting it? If the sale had gone through I was going to take it by Ryan Air to Dublin, maybe £80 return (plus the cost of a couple of pints of Guinness!)
  9. Neither will do it, I'm afraid, Theo. It's 5% of the value for insurance. That's £100 on a 2K instrument. Happy Christmas, I wish I was up North for it. Andy
  10. Hi Geoff, I wondered why it had all changed. I must admit I was a trifle disappointed with 2 bids and £2,050, even though it is a Bb/F. I'm not greedy, but 3k would have been nice. Have a marvellous Christmas. Andy
  11. Hi all. I recently sold my Bb/F Jeffries for a tad over £2,000 to a gentleman in Southern Ireland. I had quoted £50 for carriage, assuming I could send it insured for probably about 60 or 70. When it came to it, the cheapest I could find that would be insured up to £2K was £144! In the end the sale fell through but when it comes to it next time, does anyone have any recommendations for sending high priced instruments? How on earth does anyone send a £4,000 instrument insured? I couldn't find a single courier that would insure any more than £2500. What do other people do?
  12. Well done Henrik! Nice to see your idea taking shape. Have a very Merry Christmas. Andrew.
  13. Thanks for the offer Theo. It did sell in the end, not quite as much as I hoped, but I'm reasonably happy. I have noticed prices going down over the last few months. Maybe there's a recession going on! Andrew
  14. Thanks for the encouragement. It's always a problem. I don't like using reserves as I think it puts people off after a couple of bids that don't make it. You might as well do a buy it now. But sometimes you get loads of watchers (I have 96 at the mo.) and it goes up by £50 in the last 20 seconds. It's not that I'm being greedy but it is such a lovely playing instrument I would rather keep it than let it go for £500. I think the best system is more like a real auction where, if there's a bid in the last minute, the auction extends. There is one site that does that, but of course nothing touches eBay's monopoly. Thanks again all. Andrew
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