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  1. Looks like the left action plate and mounting plate will have to come apart...no other way to relieve the stress between them...
  2. Like EBay # 160344039756 ?????
  3. Bellows as well? The bellows seem to be in surprisingly good shape (compared to everything else). The ends of the reed plate supports are pretty chewed up where the reed plate must have been jammed down into them when the ends were broken. The left bellows ring fits exactly onto the jig, so I may have lucked out there. I've only opened the left side so far and have been building my way back from the metal endface as that seems to have the least distortion.
  4. Try.. http://books.google.com/books?dq=helmholtz...AJ&as_brr=1
  5. Ah, but Irene, are they Dirty Rotten Turncoats or Undercover Concertinists? But, where are the Duet Groups......undercover ? (Where is Dirge anyway ?)
  6. Seems to be great for the one-line updates and photos......but....those wacky on-line games drive me nuts.... Just too old, (officially a geezer) I guess....
  7. I'll be keeping a photo log of this project on a Facebook album... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2785...mp;id=733759251 Hopefully, this link will make it accessible... This is gonna take some time folks !
  8. Well, can tell you that the 73 button (MacCann) Edeophone is 10" across the flats w/ a 4.850" bolt circle...
  9. Brass reeds coming back into fashion ?
  10. But, where to find dies for the threads used in the restoration of concertinas ????
  11. Just noticed....don't know why I missed it before...page 470..... http://books.google.com/books?id=x_A5AAAAI...brr=1#PPA470,M1
  12. I have not experimented myself, I was just quoting Helmholtz. I could find back the page. Here is what he wrote : (in this passage he actually refers to stopped pipes of the organ, not tuning forks) Two stopped pipes, giving tones which lie between a major and a minor third appart, will give just as good a consonance as if the interval were exactly either a major or a minor third. This does not mean that a practised musical ear would not find such an interval strange and unusual, and hence would perhaps call it false, but that the immediate impression on the ear, the simple perception of harmoniousness, considered independently of any musical habits, is in no respect worse than for one of the most perfect intervals. As I already said, I warmly recommend the lecture of this book to anyone interested in such subjects. You may not know that if you are not versed much in physics, but Helmholtz was one of the leading scientists of the 19th century, and one of the last universal genius. He left his name in diverse areas such as electromagnetics, acoustics, fluid mechanics (my own field of expertise), and physiology. You will learn a lot, from the functionning of the ear (which he was first to understand) to the constitution of scales in european and extra-european musics, and to the theory of chords. I think you are referring to page 199. He's talking about the lack of beats between very pure sound waves resulting in what we might refer to as a lack of dissonance rather than consonance today. This would be quite rare in practice due to the difficulty in generating very pure tones (even electronically) I've always been fascinated by the diagrams on page 193, figs. 60, A and B. See: (dynamic pages won't image here) http://books.google.com/books?id=x_A5AAAAI...brr=1#PPA193,M1
  13. Just be glad it wasn't a flock of pigeons over your head....
  14. While I've been using it as a practice player for some time, I've just noticed that ABCexplorer 1.3 will transpose sheet music up and down. Of course it stores the music as ABC files. It will also add chords, export scores or midi. Surprise, it will import midi, save it as ABC and generate the score. About the only thing it won't do (I think) is take in scanned sheet music. It's free from http://abc.stalikez.info/abcex.php
  15. I'm looking for a Wheatstone Maccann (57 to 67 buttons) that I can afford...ie. needing some work! If anyone has something available..please let me know. Thanks, Jack (atfsi (at) aol.com) EDIT: A suitable project has been found. Thanks to all who replied !
  16. Sold for 321 Euros this time.......expect to see it again ???
  17. No mean feat LDT and an excellent start to the skills necessary in life. Thinking properly begins when you learn a second language,as you will find out if you achieve this. Dancing gracefuly starts with walking properly and that was something even my age group had trouble with. Fencing sorted me out and then various other similar things. Ian Just a little jab 'll do ya!
  18. Quite true Peter. But, there is foam and there is foam..I've yet to find out what they are using but there are archival varieties.... Just heard back on the foam....Anyone familiar w/ this stuff ? >Hi Jack > >I use 2 lb. polyester blue foam for all my customers. >Have never had any complaints about dust particles or wearing away. >I have used this for 15 years and no problems. >Hope this helps. > >Thanks >Paul
  19. Quite true Peter. But, there is foam and there is foam..I've yet to find out what they are using but there are archival varieties....
  20. Jack Bradshaw


    Just thought I'd pass this along...these guys make custom instrument (usually scientific) cases..... I received a quote for an 8"x8"x8" ID (+ 1/4 foam lined) birch case for 70 USD....... http://www.northeastcases.com/index.html > Hello Jack, > > The price for the 8" x 8" x 8" instrument case with 1/4" foam is $70.00 > ea. > These are the inside dimensions. > 3/8" baltic birch plywood hardwood, very smooth) on sides, top and bottom. > 2 steel brass plated 90 degree stop hinges. > 1 steel brass plated latch. > Clear finish > 4 bottom felt feet, or rubber. > Delivery running 2-3 weeks for 10 cases. > Ship UPS Collect. > Terms net 30 days > > Thank you > Paul Giardina > President > Northeast Cases, USA > Phone 508-460-1104 > Fax 508-460-0466 >
  21. Hopefully this will show them....
  22. Tried that idea...all it did was get me to play the MacCann!
  23. Started looking at the pictures again last night.....two different types of pivots and rods, etc..I'm now wondering if it isn't a home made one-off ?? ..or a prototype made from various Lachenal parts.... Edit: "On closer inspection it is the same instrument, cleaned up and re-photographed, and doubled in price! There is a crack near the right hand strap bracket, and a couple of wear marks that give it away." Yes! I know a fellow who does exactly that w/ violins (he's a photographer) and turns a handy sideline sum on EBay!
  24. Certainly a useful idea..but how to apply it to concertina reeds ? Grommets ?
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