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  1. SOLD C&R Dipper 33 button C/G Anglo Concertina. Built in 2012, an extremely fast, bright instrument in great shape, well played in. With hard case.
  2. Hi all, just a quick note to let everyone know about a fantastic learning opportunity this summer, The Acadia Trad Festival from June 26-July 1 in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine. I will be there teaching Anglo Concertina and Button Accordion alongside an all star faculty of Traditional Musicians from around the world. A week long intensive in a picturesque setting at the perfect time of year, with evening concerts and sessions, delicious food and great company. More information at http://acadiatradschool.com/festival/
  3. I have a 30 button Lachenal concertina in C/G for sale but in tune and playing quite well with steel reeds and mahogany ends. $1,300. Here's a video of it in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpDCfNmtzNs This would make a great instrument for a beginner. Includes the original case which isn't in great shape. Please contact me at stevenschristianj ( at ) yahoo ( dot ) com if interested
  4. I will be teaching Anglo Concertina in the Irish Style next week (June 30-July 4) at the Acadia Traditional Music Festival in Bar Harbor, Maine, in place of Padraig Rynne who is unable to make it. If anyone is interested in a spontaneous trip to the most beautiful summer destination in the world and wants to learn some concertina in the process, walk on students are more than welcome. www.acadiatradschool.com
  5. Hello! I'll be traveling to the San Francisco area the weekend of April 25th, and will be available for Irish style Anglo concertina or button accordion lessons (B/C or C#/D) if anyone is interested. Send me an e-mail at stevenschristianj ( at ) yahoo ( dot ) com ! Chris Stevens www.juniorstevens.com
  6. If you have a drill press, the best method I have for consistently making a lot of grommets is using the press to drill a bunch of holes in an old belt, then chucking your leather punch in the drill press, leaving it off and using the leverage of the press to punch out the outer circle. Assures that both hole and outer wall are parallel.
  7. Looking for a C/G Anglo with 26 or more buttons for a student, preferably a Lachenal or something of that ilk (i.e. no italian concertinas). Looking to pay <$1,800. Ok it if needs minor work, tuning, etc. Please contact me at stevenschristianj (at) gmail (dot) com thanks!
  8. I have a mid 50's B/C Paolo Soprani 3 voice in great condition for sale. The right hand reeds have all been replaced with A Mano "Bombate" reeds, making for a really, really, nice playing instrument with great volume. Tuned "swing". Bellows overhauled. Thirds in bass removed. With soft case. I have $3,800 into this box, looking for something approaching that. Only selling due to financial hardship. E-mail stevenschristianj ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com if you are interested, i can send pictures, video, and/or sound clips.
  9. 30 Button Lachenal Anglo in C/G, Mahogany ends, mostly steel reeds with a few brass reeds on the accidental rows (rarely used notes). Tight, fully restored instrument. $1,500. stevenschristianj (at) gmail (dot) com
  10. i repaired a friend's broken spring the other day with a severely undersized safety pin, making all the proper bends with my teeth. needless to say it's not a permanent repair, but it "got her back on the road"
  11. Thanks for all the input! not ready yet but I'll get cracking on it in the coming months, I reckon
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