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  1. Hello. I give all infos about it on my email: lyleaubry@yahoo.fr Thank you
  2. FOR YOUR INFORMATION: The vintage Lachenal C/G was sold yesterday. STILL AVAILABLE: the Heritage Edgley (#439) anglo concertina (C/G), purchased in 2020. Lot of people say that Frank Edgly’s concertinas are among the concertinas that have the greatest response (fast action). MP if you are interested. Thank you. POUR VOTRE INFO: Le Lachenal vintage C/G a été vendu hier. ENCORE DISPONIBLE: le Héritage Edgley (#439) anglo concertina (CG), acheté en 2020. Plusieurs sont d'avis que les concertinas de Frank Edgly sont parmi les concertinas qui ont la plus grande réponse (fast action). MP si vous êtes intéressés. Merci. For information: lyleaubry@yahoo.fr
  3. I just saw your message, Edgley still available; for more informations: lyleaubry@yahoo.fr Thank U
  4. Edgley Heritage (#439) 30 buttons C/G Layout Wheatstone (purchased September 2020) like new! Also a Lachenal C/G 32 buttons Layout Wheatstone (purchased June 2022 at Barleycorn UK) -full refurbishment fitted with new pads, valves, straps, bellow and bushings; bought from Barleycorn UK . I’m from Montreal, Qc; we can meet in a session (Hurley’s, McKibbins…) if you’re coming in Montreal. I can also make a short video. No urgent sales on my side. Here are some pictures. *Private message for more informations.
  5. Hello! I'm really interested for the Thomas Concertina - #7 – 31-button, seven-fold bellows, small size, C/G – acquired 4-14-2010. I try to find a small one exactly like this! Thank you to answer me Linda-Lyle Aubry
  6. For my Edgley (in 2020) 450$ CAD deposit + 6627$ (includes the pelican case (450$); *Prices vary according to personal requests. Frank Edgley is an excellent facteur de concertina! He's really meticulous and competent. Still love my Heritage model. If I sell it (not sure yet), it’s because I just bought a Lachenal 32 keys; a different sound that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.
  7. Beautiful Edgley CG 30 keys 2020 concertina for sale! Maple with steel ends (# series 439). Wheatstone layout. The bellows is soft, quick response; beautiful sound. Like new. Paid $6,900 CAD. I’m asking $4,800. I’m from Montreal, Que.
  8. I will have an Heritage 30 Keys maple steel end/reeds (2020) Frank Edgley to sell ! À suivre!
  9. Hello Richard, Really funny to read you! I purhased a Lachinal 32 Keys on Balrleycorn...yesterday!!! Now, waiting after WISE! Hope everything is ok with it; I usually go with Paypal! It was a little bit long and complicated to do the transaction! Je suis trop impatiente de le recevoir!!!
  10. Bonjour, je recherche un anglo Lachenal 30 Keys CG restauré. "steel ends", steel reeds. En bon état, prêt à jouer. Je suis à Mtl, Qc, Canada. Merci Hello, I'm looking for a Lachenal 30 Keys CG Steel Ends, refurbishedin good condition. I'm in Montreal, Qc Canada. thank U
  11. Thank you, Dave for your opinions! As you tell here, I decide to not turning to a Lachenal (as I wanted first) because of what you say and also because I don't want (I couldn't do it by myself) open each years (or seasons) and, finally, prefer to buy a new one, but good one! Without having an exceptional play on the concertina, I have been training since 2006 on an Edgley Celtic Lion concertina that I love very much! However, I had the opportunity to play on the concertina of a friend who have a Lachenal and the sound was …"something else". I decide to turn again with an Edgley; this time the Heritage model; I had the opportunity to hear musicians play it on video and the sound seems to me to correspond perfectly to my expectations. Edgley is in Ontario near Québec. It's a good point, here, if I need to make repairs on it! Personally, I did not excel in the technical details of concertina “building” however, on Frank’s website, the details of the technique he developed to manufacture his latest models (Heritage) are very well explained; he created his own technique: see on his website: “…these concertinas are made in the traditional way, with separate hardwood reedpans. The reeds are top quality traditional concertina reeds with steel tongues and brass reed shoes and are very similar to the reeds used by Wheatstone in the late 1800s and early 1900s ---the Golden Age of Concertinas. These reeds are dovetailed into the reedpans in the traditional method. Each reedpan is laid out and cut by hand, with the reed chambers laid out in a radial pattern, a method known to produce a strong but mellow tone”. All those who have a Heritage concertina made "Frank Edgley" are unanimous: it is an exceptional concertina that has nothing to envy to the Lachenal, Jeffries of this world. Well, now, I’m waiting… until spring. But I’m sure that the wait is worth it!
  12. Thank you! I'm so looking forward to having in my hands the Heritage concertina that Frank Edgley is making right now, especially for me. He is a magician. He builds real little jewels! I have no doubt of the happiness that I will have to hold it between my fingers! And, of course, it will be a pleasure to give you my opinion when I'll spend a pm, in the spring, in Dublin, trying the typically Irish concertinas!
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