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  1. Not only that, filling the bellows with a good 30 MPa concrete mix cures the leak every time ....and you have to play the box in a cube testing rig Dave
  2. Hi Dave, Fully agree with your post. Keep it simple ! My preference is for an analogue needle meter (as large as possible) and I back this up with a digital display 'needle' meter which also displays cents. This backup allows for a regular calibration check between the two and helps to sort out some of the strange anomalies that occur whilst tuning .... such as a particular meter insisting on latching onto an overtone produced by the reed rather than the fundamental frequency and thus giving false values. Both are Seiko tuners - one modern and the other 20 or so years old - If one of them were to pack up on me I would hope it would not be the old one. Mssrs Wheatstone, Lachenal & Jeffries would wonder what we were all fussing on about. Their men worked by tuning to a reference reed and with final tuning dependant on the skill, judgement and the ear of the man. Tuning to 'the nth degree' of accuracy is a pretty pointless exercise that will only result in frayed tempers and a whole heap of iron filings round your feet as you alternate between filing the root and tip of the reed in the pursuit of some imaginary excellence....which btw disappears as soon as the instrument is played with slightly more or less bellows pressure causing some note values to vary (possibly by up to several cents for bass notes) anyway during the course of a playing a tune. I reckon that strobes belong to the world of the 'music lovers' that frequent Discos and Raves ... or whatever they call them these days... Dave Prebble
  3. Fancy a challenge ?? completely re-padding the instrument with the ends still on Dave .... with instruments long sharp & thin .....
  4. Hi Howard, Though all of my instruments have standard buttons I have often been called on to fit extended air buttons to anglos - that extra 1/8" makes all the difference for many people. I wonder if the problem is folks having the handstrap set too tight, thus clamping the thumb down to the rail? I very often have trouble with other folks instruments usually, I suspect, because the handstrap won't adjust to a large enough size to both accommodate my hands and my preference for the half a yard of slack I have tried a couple of Geoff's instruments and it takes about 2 minutes to get used to the lever action. In all I think I prefer it to the standard push button. Regards Dave
  5. And Satan replied over his shoulder .... "Sounds just as sweet from here" Dave
  6. I do hope there is not too much truth in the rest of the article Dave (if the cap fits, wear it) Prebble
  7. I do hope the concertina was rescued unharmed Dave
  8. Hi Al, I have passed on quite a few copies to folks and they have all been gratefully received. Your fame is greater than you think It is a great discipline for those of us who have 3 row boxes, to shut them up in a cupboard for a week and only only play a two row for that time. It makes you think a bit and gets you back to roots. It really does affect how you play when you pick up your main squeeze again. Regards Dave
  9. I'll show you mine if you show me yours Dave
  10. Hi Dave, As I said "not really an answer to your question David but ....." I was pointing out that some early Jeffries Screws went straight into the wood and noting a dodge that has plainly worked for others in the past; also that the existing insert is quite likely to be a retro-fit. It seems to me that we have now established that the thread is standard BA so Chris Ghent's solution would appear to be simple enough to carry out. Might need a bit of jiggery pokery to remove any broken section from within the insert but that should not be too difficult. Regards Dave P
  11. Stand it on end and it doubles up as a seat in a crowded session Dave P
  12. The one I broke also had a BA thread (2.2mm diameter, I think). I believe the British Association introduced BA threads in the 1890's - maybe Jeffries were "early adopters"? Anyway, thanks to everyone for your helpful ideas - I have now removed the picture from the website. David not really an answer to your question David but ..... I have seen a few earlier Jeffries with no captive nut at all so its also quite possible that a BA insert could be a retrofit. An interesting variation I have come across a number of times is a similar to the 'Helicoil' repair system used in engineering. I presume the following was used as an upgrade or repair rather than when the instrument was made. Hard brass wire with a diameter that will sit well into the 'V' groove of the bolt thread was wrapped tightly around to form a coil using the actual screw as a former and, in some cases, tinned with solder. A hole would then be reamed out in the woodwork (possibly tapped for added purchase) and the coil sinply glued into the hole and filed flush. I have not tried this dodge for myself as it just seems easier to fit proper nutplates, but those coil inserts I have seen, appear to have stood the test of time pretty well. Regards Dave
  13. The one I have has 'L & Co, cut in the fretwork and appears pretty much identical to the one you have Bill. Partly a function of the size I would say ( minis do tend to be fairly loud) but in the main part due to the quality of reeds used. That one of mine is certainly a very loud box and will 'outpunch' many a Jeffries. Compare Bills box with the pictures on Morgana's site 5 Inch Lachenal Regards to all Dave Prebble
  14. Good old Clappo ... Right on the button ! The buyer has a bargain I'd say....and quite a handful too. Sighs! ..If only I had seven fingers on each hand ..... and £3251 Regards Dave prebble
  15. Hi, All this talk of hairy side in and hairy side out puts me in mind of s song called "The Ancient & Old Irish Condom"... to the tune of 'Rosin the Beau' the final verse runs... And I thought that I heard Brian whisper As he stood in the fire's rosy light "Well, you've had yer own way long enough, dear... 'Tis the hairy side outside, tonight." I shall refrain from further comment and leave the rest to the imagination Dave P ps ..... If your curiosity gets the better of you .... try Googling
  16. Hi all, for what it is worth........ While restoring a 32 key Lachenal a few weeks ago, I fell to thinking about this issue. I have nothing to add to the factors discussed above regarding the tendency of valve changing to cause pitch change , but decided to quantify just how much difference it can actually make. I recorded all pitch values for the instrument on a standard tuning chart before any work was carried out. Changing nothing else, I revalved the whole instrument and repeated the pitch check. I took as much care as possible to replace with valves of similar size, thickness, stiffness and texture. The test revealed that pitch shifts of between 0 and ten cents occurred with an overall average of approx 6 cents. No obvious pattern emerged that could be related to reed size or pitch... in all, pitch shifts seemed to be quite random. Regards Dave
  17. Well that should free you up to go to Bradfield Dave Pete All they need is your wallet Dave... you could walk to Bradfield from your place Dave
  18. ... and ditto from me please Al if I am in time....for the card I mean. I remember well how much the support of folks here meant to me when I was so ill. Regards Dave
  19. Following enquiries, from April 1st, any new instruments that I may make will have the option of a fitted waist strap for hands free wear and/or proximity sensors fitted to the rear of the bellows which will lock the latter in the open position to prevent possible crush injuries. Geoff Crabb Would this new waist strap be called a Conc strap? Surely lights as well Geoff for late night work or even flashing!! Al A whole new dimension to the word 'horn pipe' ? Dave
  21. Look on the bright side Mark, The Daily Male only sold 2,300,000 copies of the newspaper Think £'s copyright..... erm - you did remember to copyright the photos ????? Dave
  22. Hmmmmm. I will of course be attending Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend..... just a little concerned about the dress code Dave Squeeze on Brother !
  23. Hope you find the right instrument for you and at a good price. When you do, I think you will find learning and playing so much easier if you can abstain from the friggin' and jerkin' bit and come to see the concertina as a truly life changing experience. Dave
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