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  1. Yeah, it would definitely be best to try the different styles before buying anything. Now I just have to find a place (or person) that has them. I imagine that I'd get some funny looks if I went into Guitar Center and started asking for concertinas. Maybe I'll also request a set of uilleann pipes and a zither while I'm at it. Anyways, thanks a lot for all the input.
  2. Wow. I have a lot to consider. Thanks for all the help, but I have to say that it would be a heck of a lot easier (but limiting) if there was only one style, huh? Dang options have to go and make everything all complicated for me.
  3. Thanks a lot. English is better for chording? I had thought it was the other way around. Good to have that cleared up. Steel reeds-- is that something to look for? Going back to the guitar example, is it kind of like a solid top (a starting point in regard to the instrument's quality)? Six hundred dollars? That's quite a bit. I only paid about 300 for my guitar, and even though it was a good deal, I was a little uneasy about spending that much (But I'm glad I did). I saw a Hohner concertina on MusciansFriend for 150ish, which as you said is a piece of junk, but it's a pretty big jump to go from that to six hundred bucks, or over a thousand. Is there no middle ground? (Sorry if I sound whiney, I'm just curious.) And on a side note, thanks for the compliment on my name. I try to not live up to it. Kind of an irony thing, I guess. And from what I've seen so far, the people here to seem nice and knowledgeable. I haven't see any of the hostility that's so common on internet forums.
  4. Hey there. I just joined this forum, and I want to ask for your advice. I've never played a concertina before, but I've been toying with the idea of buying one. What kind should I get? Here's some background on me, in case that helps (which I think it will, at least a little bit). I've looked around, and here's what I think I know so far. Correct me if I'm wrong. English styles are unisonoric, good for meldoy lines, and are fully chromatic. Anglo styles are bisonoric and diatonic, like a harmonica, but set up with two musical keys, like C/G. Because of that, I'm leaning towards Anglo-- I play a little harmonica here and there. But does that mean that I'd have to get different concertinas to play in different keys? I play the guitar, and I'd like something that I can use the same way. What I mean is that when I play the guitar, it's just me by myself, playing the chords to the songs I know and like. Nothing too fancy, there. I'd also like to find that sweet spot between not breaking the bank and not buying a piece of junk. But I'm not really looking at any specific brand names yet. Any advice you can give would be appreciated.
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