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  1. Finally, I am free from temptation! Hope it went to a good home.
  2. This is good advice Jody. I live in Canada, and between the very cold dry winters and quite humid warm summers, I've noticed end bolts on my Jeffries become very tight in the summer months if I haven't backed them off. In the winter, without a humidifier it can get excessively dry in the house. I once had a banjo head self-destruct because of the dryness. I run two humidifiers and can keep the main floor around 40% humidity. The instruments are much happier these days.
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K5jhQNMOlgpPvorHg-iXYxg0n2EJAEce/edit?fbclid=IwAR2AKyizHT8FNwhIKPmTZg5qhpYjRqGgJG4_ezADsTe6horgIABlxPdnS_I
  4. Hey Ruairi, there's nothing inherently bad about Czech reeds, just more my own curiosity if he is sourcing them from harmonikas.cz as the copy language is a bit evasive. Everything I've heard about the instruments is encouraging though, so its nice that there is another option available that fills a gap in the market. Next time you open it up, snap some pics for those of us that are curious. I wouldn't worry too much about long-term damage, wood is fairly resilient and moves quite a bit (even when we don't want it to).
  5. I'd love to see photos of the reeds on these instruments. Information on them is very vague, but he certainly markets them aggressively. I suspect he's using Czech reeds, but maybe I'm wrong. Personally I would be sending it back to the maker, unless it's something simple like a reed worked out of the dovetail in transit.
  6. Its beautiful in a crude kinda folk-art way. I'd buy it for its decorative value at least.
  7. I'm looking for a Wally Carroll, before I place an order for a new one I thought I'd check here. I have a C/G and would like either a C#/G# or something different. Please let me know what you've got.
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