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  1. PM me your email and I will send you a video.
  2. Ok, I have 2 more left. $200 Shipped to the lower 48. If no takers the off to ebay they go!
  3. For sale: Rochelle Anglo C/G used $225 shipped to the lower 48 USA Perfect instruments to get started, learn the system or try to see if you like it. I have a couple of these. PM me if you are interested. Paypal only. Thanks Doug Barr
  4. Diana and I will be there. See you all soon.
  5. I use: https://www.clarionins.com/ If you pay more than 5K they will want a bill of sale or appraisal.
  6. There are a ton of tunes that work fine on the 20B even in ITM. many keys can be approached and tunes can be twisted to fit(much like a single row melodeon. Check out the playing of Bobby Gardiner William Kimber was a fine example of some great 20B playing(although later I believe he went to a 30B) In playing for Morris dancing I think he used the left hand more as a percussion instrument and was less concerned with the actual harmonies. Still great playing.
  7. Hi Nicolas, I think I bought a 20B Jones from you awhile back. It is still going strong. I consider it a good instrument but am looking for the next level up. I also have been playing a Lachenal 20B Baritone in C/G.
  8. Mike, David, Jake and Malcolm. You guys are reading my mind! I am currently looking for a top quality 20B anglo. That is what prompted me to put a WTB 20B Jeffries in the buy and sell section. I feel that the 20B has been much maligned. I would like to prove them wrong. All you hear is "buy at least a 30B" and "you will outgrow the 20B" I play traditional Irish music. I'm dreaming up a recording project, just using the 20B to highlight how capable the instrument is. There is a body of wonderful traditional Irish tunes, especially from East Clare that are perfect for the 20B. Yes I have thought about asking a modern builder to make one but as you said the price would probably be crazy. If I'm paying up I would like it to be a vintage box. I currently have a 20B, rosewood ended Jones that is pretty good but as Mike said I'm looking for that "next level". Keep your eye out for me. Thanks Doug
  9. Just going to throw this out there. Looking for a 20 Button Jeffries concertina for sale. C/G, Bb/F, or Ab/Eb would be fine. Must be 20B. Anyone know of one that might be for sale?
  10. To Doug, Bob, Rich(RIP) and the rest of the gang at The Button Box I just want to say thanks for everything you have done for the concertina and accordion community. Your skills, talent and knowledge will be missed. Best of luck on your new adventures. Doug Barr
  11. Hi Wes Can you give me a date for this instrument? Lachenal Anglo C/G 158423 32B+air Amboyna ends, bone buttons, 6 fold bellows Thanks Doug
  12. I'm letting go of this wonderful instrument. I bought it from C.Net member Bill Crossland about a year ago. Bill did a wonderful job of setting up and tuning this instrument. $2000 plus shipping only to the lower 48. Paypal only. If interested PM me your email for a few more photos. Doug
  13. Happy New Year to all the C.Net members. Stay safe and keep playing.
  14. Please don't let an accordion tuner tune a vintage concertina! Enough said!
  15. I hate to admit it but I once tuned a old 20B Lachenal that was in a high pitch with liquid correction fluid. Worked great! I would paint a small bit on the tip to bring down the pitch. It stayed on,dried quickly, easy adjustable, and completely reversible. I could experiment with temperaments and not harm the reeds. Lets hear your "repair" stories. Doug
  16. No website but get a hold of Greg Jowaisas, he might have something for sale. Also post what you are looking for and your budget in the buy and sell section.
  17. Happy Birthday to this guy! 100 Years old! It's a Wheatstone Baritone Anglo concertina. Here is the entry in the Wheatstone Ledgers which are in the Horniman Museum in London. Very cool!
  18. "There must be some kind of way out of here" Said the joker to the thief "There's too much confusion I can't get no relief
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