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  1. Happy New Year to all the C.Net members. Stay safe and keep playing.
  2. Please don't let an accordion tuner tune a vintage concertina! Enough said!
  3. I hate to admit it but I once tuned a old 20B Lachenal that was in a high pitch with liquid correction fluid. Worked great! I would paint a small bit on the tip to bring down the pitch. It stayed on,dried quickly, easy adjustable, and completely reversible. I could experiment with temperaments and not harm the reeds. Lets hear your "repair" stories. Doug
  4. No website but get a hold of Greg Jowaisas, he might have something for sale. Also post what you are looking for and your budget in the buy and sell section.
  5. Happy Birthday to this guy! 100 Years old! It's a Wheatstone Baritone Anglo concertina. Here is the entry in the Wheatstone Ledgers which are in the Horniman Museum in London. Very cool!
  6. "There must be some kind of way out of here" Said the joker to the thief "There's too much confusion I can't get no relief
  7. WTB C/G Anglo Lachenal Baritone 20 button OK, 30 button is a plus. Any hiding out there unused? Thanks Doug
  8. "Relax," said the night man "We are programmed to receive You can check out any time you like But you can never leave"
  9. I think if you are serious about learning ITM then get a C/G box and learn it well. Even a 20B can make it's way around most tunes. I think you will see/hear Concertina players play on different keyed boxes more for the tonal/tamber of the instrument and not to use just to play in a different key. BTW - David, how did I know you would respond to this topic! Stay safe and healthy out there. Doug
  10. It's a Wheatstone mini in the key of "D" Inside row is "D" row and outside row is set up in the accidentals.
  11. Best Christmas decorations ever! Enjoy
  12. So, I am wondering why you included your last paragraph in this post. My original post was asking for a hard copy of the CD. I am fully aware that it is available for download. Did you assume I might be asking someone to copy the CD. Are you implying that is what I wanted? I guess I should have said "original" CD? What you don't know is that before posting this request, I contacted the original artist, Jason O'Rourke (I have played with him in Belfast and he is a Facebook friend) and asked him if he had a copy I could purchase. He did not have any. I like to have the "original" CD for any liner notes and credits. Sorry for the rant. I was upset that anyone would think that I, or Alex West would do such a thing. Doug
  13. Does anyone have a hard copy of this they want to sell. Shipped to the USA thanks Doug
  14. I have a 40B Anglo and she is beautiful. Ledger shows she was built in 1921. Next summer she gets to have a 100 years old birthday!
  15. Thank you. BTW when is your research going to be published?
  16. Hi Dowright, How about a 30B piccolo, rosewood, steel reeds, 5 7/8" across the flats, #122941 Thanks Doug
  17. I have watched the first 3 segments. Wonderful! I think there are 3 more segments.
  18. Hi David, I had that book too. I was just being lazy and hoping someone would put it all into treble clef for different instruments Bass, Baritone and 2 standard C/G concertinas.
  19. Gary, Would this new book include Bach Chorales? How about a separate book? Doug
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