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  1. The skiver sold on another forum. Thanks for your interest.
  2. A used Scharfixx leather skiver. New price $299+shipping. Used price $150 +shipping. (stock photo) US and PayPal please. Thanks, John johnkoshaughnessy@gmail.com
  3. If you are interested in one of the remaining cases please email me: johnkoshaughnessy@gmail.com Thanks my messaging skills are substandard...?
  4. I have four new Pelican Storm cases for sale. These don’t come with foam. You can block to suit your instrument. Pricing them low $30 and adding $15 to cover shipping. US buyers please. Would prefer PayPal. iM2075 Storm Case
  5. I just noticed these cases at Lee Valley wood working supply: http://www.leevalley...2&p=64651&cat=1,43326,64664 Index > Storage > Tanos Systainer® Storage Systems > Tanos Systainer® If you click under the Regular Sustainer option it will lead to some cases that might work for concertinas and gear. ps... Not related to Robert E. or any other Lee.
  6. Didn't the buttons have tiny little photos of the band members scattered around?
  7. The ButtonBox had some used hard cases from IBM that were foam lined and nice to customize as concertina cases. They may be gone? Also Fallon cases: http://www.falloncases.com/ john
  8. I just noticed this book from Dover books catalog. Don't know if it will be of any interest but here it is: Tuning and Temperament: A Historical Survey J. Murray Barbour Our Price $13.95 Availability: In Stock (Usually ships in 24 to 48 hours) Format: Book ISBN: 0486434060 Page Count: 240 Dimensions: 5 3/8 x 8 1/2 The demands of tuning (attaining the perfect scale) and temperament (the compromises necessary for composing in every key) have challenged musicians from the earliest civilizations onward. This guide surveys these longstanding problems, devoting a chapter to each principal theory and offering a running account of the complete history of tuning and temperament. Organized chronologically, the book features a helpful glossary and numerous illustrative tables, and it requires minimal background in music theory. This new reissue is currently the only edition in print of a much-quoted classic. 9 figures. 180 tables.
  9. Al, You should see the powder blue cosmetics case I carry my concertina in. I do have a bit of room to spare for the odd contraband. No not Contra Band ! John
  10. Thanks for posting the photos Howard. I found them quite interesting. I wish I were able to see more different makes of concertina this way. John
  11. Bob you have me interested in exactly what you mean by carved accordion reeds ? Do you use a tapered endmill and relieve the backside of the aluminum reed plate? Do you simply plunge the endmill near the tip end, or relieve this along the length of the reed slot? Do you taper it most of the thickness of the reed plate, almost to the top? John O’Shaughnessy
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