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    Traditional music of the British Isles and France. Morris dance music.
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  1. Not from Punch, but I have these from my postcard collection. I look for turn of the last century to 1918 postcards with cartoons of the Royal Navy, whilst looking I came across some of concertina players and couldn’t resist.
  2. I got a reply within a day when I made an enquiry a couple of years ago.
  3. My basset hound howls along as I play my Anglo. Likewise, I can't tell if it’s in pain or pleasure, but he does wag his tail, so I hope the latter. He does the same when I play the fiddle, but is either indifferent to, or a fan of, the tenor banjo and guitar.
  4. I was in contact with Frank last year, looking into getting a Vintage in G/D Alas, he wasn’t making them in that key at the time.
  5. You're welcome. I was amused by the bloke behind the 'tina players clutching his ears in anguish - what a Philistine!
  6. Is it this 'un Willum? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXmTChUB4_w If it is, then Bob Webb is credited.
  7. They sound as good as they look, and the Valiant; one of my favourite tunes.
  8. It looks very impressive Jake, nice website. I like the option of the air lever and bespoke hand rests. Good luck with your project.
  9. Very nice playing on a very nice instrument, well done and congratulations.
  10. My basset hound either hates or loves the concertina, I've yet to work out which. As soon as I start to play, he'll put his head back and start howling, whether in protest or appreciation, who knows? Same with the fiddle. The banjo, however, he is either indifferent to or content with.
  11. Welcome Michael. I too have recently taken the step-up from lurking. Now, I've got a basset hound who pretty much ignores all my other instruments, but if I get out my Anglos, he's head back and howling. Whether in joyous union with the music or calling for help from the pack, I have yet to figure out, the latter I suspect. Andy Sugden
  12. I think a couple of my anglos are worth less now than what I paid for them - am I unhappy? No, because I bought instruments that I found wonderful to play and will never sell. I'd advise against buying any instruments for investment value, rather look for an instrument that makes you smile every time you play it. In that respect, it's even better than investing in wine! Adrian Adrian, that is an excellent sentiment.
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