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  1. There is a small supply of brand new Morse Céilí anglos for sale. These are the last instruments we will make from the remaining materials and components we have available: - We have 1 G/D, with Wheatstone layout and 6-fold bellows - We have a few C/G's, in both Wheatstone and Jeffries layouts, all with 6-fold bellows - price is US$2,825.00, including a fitted hard case. Sorry - no baritone, English or duet models. Please contact me directly if you are interested. -- Doug
  2. Hello all, Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm looking forward to cutting back on work and spending more time at home with my wife & toys. I'm planning to use some of my time working on my anglo, so look out! Our concertina manufacturing will continue for the summer months. We'll be finishing any outstanding orders and producing as many Céilí models as we have time and materials left. We're going to focus on the Céilí since it's the most popular model we sell. The concertina workshop will shut its doors at the end of the summer, but Bob Snope will continue to do repairs from his home for the foreseeable future. I'll be keeping the books, packing & shipping, and ordering parts and materials to keep Bob free to work his magic. Our website will have details about how to get your instrument to us for repair once the store closes. In the meantime, you're welcome to email me with questions. Regards, Doug Creighton/The Button Box
  3. Good luck with the concertina, Brian. I grew up in Owen Sound and drove through Meaford many times. I'm happy to ship instruments to Canada if you see something that interests you www.buttonbox.com
  4. Thanks for your generous comments, everyone. This transition won't happen overnight, so concertina production will continue as usual for the time being. My focus is on finding a buyer and moving the business to a new chapter. In answer to your question, Jim, I inherited the business from Rich when he passed away in 2009.
  5. After 31 years managing The Button Box, I have decided to retire and put the business up for sale. I am posting this in hopes that someone in the c.net community might be interested in becoming the next owner/manager. The sale would include the retail business, and R. Morse & Co. Concertinas, our concertina manufacturing operation. Our building in Sunderland, MA will also be available as a separate transaction, but does not need to be included in the purchase of the business. The Button Box was begun by Rich Morse in the mid-1980’s and has strong connections to the accordion and concertina communities in North America and beyond. It has a customer base that includes over 20,000 people in 30 countries around the world. If you’re interested in exploring possible next steps, please send me an email at doug@buttonbox.com so that we can set up a time to talk when I’m not working with customers. I'm not often on this forum, so responses to postings might take a bit longer. Doug Creighton
  6. It appears we may have a Tidder anglo here for repair. It has several of the features mentioned above: baggy gussets, dull mahogany fretwork, broad brass reeds (a la Jones). The serial number is 5504.
  7. Now available! Check out our web page for photos and ordering info. Doug Creighton The Button Box
  8. Our new R. Morse & Co. model, the ESB baritone anglo concertina, will be available soon. We have a few preview sound clips on our website courtesy of Jody Kruskal. No photos yet! Here are the highlights: - one octave below a standard anglo, in the keys of C/G or D/A - measures 7" across - hand-finished (tipo a mano) reeds standard - 31-key Wheatstone or Jeffries note layout - rosewood-stained cherry ends, 6-fold leather bellows - cut brass lever arms, stainless steel springs, riveted action - extended chambers on lowest notes to enhance response and volume - selling price $2,850.00, including a fitted, hardshell case. - estimated delivery: Fall, 2014 For order information, visit our website, our call us at (413) 665-7793, Regards, Doug Creighton The Button Box
  9. I expect that we'll have some baritone anglos to offer in the coming weeks and months. A used, 30-key Dipper C/G (Jeffries layout, 7-1/2" raised rosewood ends, 8-fold bellows) is expected in the next few weeks, and our own R. Morse & Co. baritone anglo model will be available soon (??) in either C/G or D/A. -- Doug
  10. We, that is The Button Box, decided to give the Northeast Concertina Workshop a rest, at least for 2014. We haven't decided on future years. It was losing money - not a lot, but considering how much effort it took we thought there might be a better way to promote the concertina. If we host a workshop in the future, I think we'll try a different format. Past workshops have had a very few classes filled in advance, while most others had too few participants to break even. Perhaps we were trying to provide instruction in too many styles, or for too many systems? Your suggestions are welcome.
  11. As it happens, The Button Box currently has two Wheatstone English concertinas in stock that are virtually identical except for the pad pans (aka sound boards); one is a model 21a from March 1924 and the other is a model 21 from Sept. 1923. The model 21a has a sycamore pad pan, the model 21 has mahogany. There is a distinct difference in the tone of the two instruments, with the sycamore pad pan being much brighter than the mahogany.
  12. Ha! No plans for either, but you'd be welcome to pay us a visit and try one here in Sunderland.
  13. After countless hours of tinkering, we dropped the linkages. We couldn't get them to the point were the linkage button wasn't noticably more difficult to depress, and that only after many costly hours of adjustment. We're disappointed - it seemed like such a great idea. But in the end we're very pleased with the final product.
  14. We were trying to come up with something that a) wasn't going to run afoul of existing trademarks had a certain positive feel to it and c) would have an association (for us) with Rich Morse. He was a big fan of rags, and "Beaumont" seemed like a good choice.
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